Can nudism help disabled?
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Can nudism help disabled?

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Can nudism help disabled?

When my brother was alive, he was living with a handicap. He had muscular dystrophy of the type Duchenne (“Dystrophia Musculorum Progressiva, typus Duchenne”). This kind of handicap is bad news – really bad.

I and my family got the news about the handicap back in 1979 (might be earlier – I was only 5 years, or so). It was told that it was not likely that my brother would survive much longer than the age of 18. Fortunately, my brother lived longer than that. He died in 2001, 28 years old.

Can nudism help disabled?
Can nudism help disabled?

Muscular dystrophy has a very bad habit, it weakens the muscles and it gets worse over time. If you have the Duchenne variation, it will get worse and worse. In the age 10-12, you will probably need help for walking, and will soon need a wheelchair (normally an electric wheelchair, a little later). In the 20’s many will need help for respiration and might need a respirator to help you breathe. My brother had a respirator on his wheelchair for many years. Cont…Read full original article…

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24 August, 2017, 5:30 pm

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