Can drawing nude figures be good for your health? Meet two Fife artists ‘on a mission’ to spread joy


From Dundonians Down Under to nurses on night shift, local artists Jen Robson and Kirsty Whiten have seen all kinds of people signing up for their online life drawing classes.

“We are on a bit of a mission to reach people,” says Kirsty, who lives and works near Cupar.

A life drawing in charcoal by Jen Robson.
BOW Life Drawing A life drawing in charcoal by Jen Robson. | BOW Life Drawing

The thought of drawing someone in their birthday suit might send you running for the hills, but the talented duo are great believers in the power of art to focus on the present and bring some escapism to our busy lives.

“I think it’s a basic human instinct: all kids sing, dance and draw and it brings a lot of joy,” Kirsty adds.

“I always tell people don’t judge your work while you’re making it. That’s not your job. Your job is to be the artist having the fun, the play and curiosity,” explains Jen, who is originally from Dundee and now based in Ladybank.

“It’s a break. Although you are focusing on something, after it you feel relief.”

‘Have we started a business?’
The classes were a result of Jen and Kirsty experimenting with ways to continue reaching their students remotely after lockdown. They noticed a boom in online life drawing classes, with groups using video in order to continue creating.

Jen goes on: “It kind of snowballed and suddenly we thought ‘have we started a business’?”

The answer is yes. The pair set up Body of Work or BOW, a series of tuition and life model videos that form a 10-week course.

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Source: The Courier

Original publication 15 April, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 29th April 2021

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