Call for nudist areas at these Burton and Swadlincote beauty spots

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Naturist is leading the fight so people and strip off in public

A naturist pensioner from South Derbyshire is calling for popular beauty spots in Burton and Swadlincote to have areas where people to be able to take their clothes off in public.

Stuart Haywood, who has spent 10 years enjoying what he claims to be the benefits of nudity, said parks in Burton and Swadlincote could take a left out of the book of other successful nudist areas in Paris and Germany.

Stuart Haywood wearing nothing but his smile
Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts
Stuart Haywood wearing nothing but his smile

He suggested Burton’s Ox Hay and Swadlincote’s Eureka Park would be ideal venues.

However, while council bosses haven’t binned the idea they said such requests need to be made in writing.

Mr Haywood, 82, said: “For two years in the public parks of Paris, nudists have been allocated areas in which to enjoy the park free from the encumbrance of clothes.

“How about a similar arrangement in Burton or Swadlincote?

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Source: Derby Telegraph

Original publication 26 JUL 2019

Posted on NatCorn 1st August 2019

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