There are no holds barred in the ad, which features stark naked actors

BUMS GONE TO ICELAND Racy phone advert packed with NAKED actors sets pulses racing on Icelandic TV

A MOBILE phone company has launched an advert featuring stark naked people broadcast during prime time on national TV in Iceland.

The unpixelated, full-frontal images feature actors running, cycling, swimming, shopping and even conducting a business meeting – all while totally starkers.

The ad wants people to be free of stereotypes around what bodies should look like
Credit Uncertain The ad wants people to be free of stereotypes around what bodies should look like | Vimeo

Telecoms company Nova claims its naturist-inspired ad is a vehicle for body positivity and improving mental wellbeing.

Urging social media-weary folk to “leave your phone at home”, Nova said it is “celebrating the body”.

The ad starts by following a young woman with pixie-cut blond hair through a tunnel to a sports court.

As she stops, she slowly peels off her beige woollen jumper to reveal her naked torso underneath, before stretching out her arms and her neck.

The camera then skips to a series of clips of regular people undressing – from a bespectacled man with ginger hair and a paunch removing his boxers and heading to the swimming pool, to an elderly woman unclipping her bra.

The short video also features naked actors in the supermarket, running a business meeting with nude colleagues sitting around a boardroom table, and diving into a swimming pool.

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Source: Sun

Original publication 5 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 13th November 2020

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