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British Naturism contributes to Government inquiry


We’re pleased to say that we’ve recently submitted written evidence to a Women and Equalities Commons Select Committee inquiry, ‘Changing the Perfect Picture: An Inquiry into Body Image’. which has been gathering information from people and organisations on what causes poor body image and the impact of adverts, social media and Government policy.

It has included social media censorship, the lack of realistic depictions of the human body, and the lack of education about the range of body types which exist etc. Also under consideration were the effects of poor body image along with the role of government (including the recent Online Harms White Paper) and regulation on the issue.

Commons Select Committees are made up of a minimum of 11 MPs from across the political parties. They select areas of inquiry, receive evidence (both written and oral) and prepare reports for submission to the House of Commons.

Most of BN’s evidence was compiled by BN’s former Campaigns Director, Malcolm Boura who was the author of BN’s 2016 report, ‘Children Deserve Better’ which covered BN’s views regarding the positive influences which Naturism has on children’s development. Valuable insight into the functioning of government committees was provided by Edwin Kilby and I was happy to chip in where I could and comment on the draft documents.

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Source: BN

Original publication 27 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 17th December 2020

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