Nudist at the beach

Britain’s nudists call for naturism to be a ‘philosophical belief’ under the law

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A naturist group is lobbying for protection under Britain’s hate crime legislation, calling for the right to remain naked to be legally recognised as a “philosophical belief”.

It is hoped the change will ensure nudists are no longer “abused in [their] day-to-day lives,” British Naturism’s president Mark Bass told the Mail on Sunday.

“These days we all agree that shouting abuse at somebody because of the colour of their skin, their sexual preference or their religion is not acceptable,” Bass told the outlet.

Nudist at the beach
Nudist at the beach

“Yet naturists still receive that type of abuse based on their dress code… everybody should have the freedom to choose how they dress, including if that choice is to wear nothing at all.”

Bass said one naturist recently had a dog set on him.

“It’s not uncommon for a naturist to receive abuse from a neighbour or when out walking,” he wrote on British Naturism’s website.

“You would be upset if somebody shouted abuse or threatened you because they did not like the colour of your shirt – we would prefer not to receive such abuse for not wearing a shirt.”

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Source: Newshub

Original publication 4 March, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th April 2020

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