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Bottom line is roommate shouldn’t see your bottom

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Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: 

I’m an independent working woman of 23 and have my own place in a high rise. It’s so hot outside, I’m walking around the apartment nude and thinking nothing of it. A female friend just moved in with me to share rent, taking the much smaller bedroom — more like a den. But, things are going bad quickly.

She told me last week me she was shocked when she first saw me pass through the living room with nothing on. Big deal! My family were nudists or “naturists” so I got used to this at home. I forgot to tell her I’m into nudity when I’m at home and especially with temperatures at 30 C. I suggested she should try it too — and she gave me a suspicious look! To her, it’s sexual, I guess. She said, “Turn up the air conditioning, like normal people do!” I might, but conditioned air makes me sneeze.

Naked in the kitchen
YouTube/Bonjour TIANWS Naked in the kitchen

She is very persistent, but the thing is it’s MY place. I hold the lease, and I’m only charging her one-third of the rent because she has the small bedroom. Yesterday she went and turned the AC on way up, so it was like a freezer when I got home from work. There was a little sign beside it that said, DON’T TURN THIS OFF.

I hate to kick her out because I need the money, and she was a friend who needed a place to live. But, the bottom line is she should move out or stay in her bedroom portion of the house, and let me continue to enjoy my home as a nudist. What do you think? — Proud Nudist, Winnipeg

Dear Nudist:

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Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Original publication 4 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 12th August 2020

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