Nude is nude, there’s no way back

Boost your body acceptance by going nude

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You’re probably thinking “they must be joking” right?

All your life you’ve been spending thousands of hours and dollars picking clothes that make you look thinner, hats that make you look larger, make-up to hide the wrinkles and jewellery to distract the attention from all the rest. Who knows, maybe you’ve even been to a doctor to have this or that corrected.

And now Nick and Lins are telling you to leave all that behind… and just get naked.

Maybe you already imagine yourself standing there completely in the nude, with your too much fat, too wide hips, your wrinkles, your beer belly, your too small penis, your man boobs or your lady boobs that look like man boobs.

That can’t be true…

We admit, using nudity as a way to improve body confidence does sound controversial.

But still, we strongly believe it’s the truth. Let us explain.

Nude is nude, there’s no way back

Remember the days at school when you forgot to do your homework?

All the way to school you’re considering your options…

“Should I call in sick?”

“Should I make up an excuse?”

“Which excuse?”

“Which excuse haven’t I used yet?”

“Oh boy, I hope the teacher is sick”

“Maybe he forgot about the homework?”

Maybe you were a grade A student and this never happened to you, but we remember this situation as if it was yesterday. Once you got into the classroom you felt a relief. Not because you found a solution, but because there was no way back.

Another example.

When we’re picking a new travel destination we often go for a country we don’t really know a lot about. Like last year we decided to go to Mozambique just because years ago we heard a guy talking about it and it sounded pretty cool.

Then some days before we leave the stress kicks in. Did we forget something? How will it be like over there? Will there be public transport? What if we get robbed/raped/killed?

But the minute we get on the plane all stress disappears.


No way back.

Now back to nudity.

As long as we have something, anything to cover up what we consider our flaws, we will try to use it. The more options we have, the more stress we will have to pick the best option. Think about the hours you’ve spent in front the closet.

On a nude beach or at a nudist resort or so you don’t have any options. Your birthday suit is the only suit you’re allowed to wear. Once you accept that, you’ll feel the stress flowing out of your naked body because there’s no way back to hiding anything.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 16 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 27th November 2020

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