The nudist beach, Brighton

Black Rock Naturist Beach: Revealing Brighton’s not-so-secret nudist spot


The nudist beach is popular with locals and tourists

Spending a day at the beach will never get old, especially with Sussex’s golden coast on the doorstep.

But if you feel a change is needed to mix up your visit, perhaps a trip to Black Rock Naturist Beach will be able to do just that.

A man taking a dip
Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror A man taking a dip in the sea at the Brighton nudist beach / Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror

Set against a view of Brighton Palace Pier and just a short walk from Brighton Marina, the sea breeze found here is as good of a send-off for summer as any.

The beach is adjacent to an area that is the focus of the Black Rock Rejuvenation Project but is surprisingly discreet for a location so accessible.

This stretch of the Brighton seafront offers visitors all the amenities and facilities that don’t exist at more secluded naturalist spots.

You could literally throw a stone at the nearest car park (not recommended).

The signs at either end of the 200-yard stretch helpfully remind you to ‘please reclothe’ as you leave to prevent an awkward encounter along the promenade.

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Source: SussexLive

Original publication 12 September, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 19th October 2021

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