Face masks available in the UK

Best face masks 2021: Breathable, stylish face coverings to buy in the UK


We’ve selected some of the best face masks on sale in the UK, for comfort, style and every budget.

Face masks have been a wardrobe staple for the last year or so, with coverings being mandatory in a variety of public spaces across the UK.

Given that face masks are now essential, everyday items, it’s understandable that people are looking not only for comfortable, breathable material, but stylish designs to pair with their outfit choices.

Of course the main goal of face masks is to help curb the spread of the coronavirus – but that’s not to say you can’t get creative with your accessories.

We’ve put together a thorough list of the best face masks for sale in the UK – offering comfort and style, and catering for every budget.

Do I still need to wear a face mask?
Face mask rules may be about to change in the UK, but Government ministers are still urging people to exercise “personal responsibility” even after restrictions are eased.

Since last summer it has been mandatory to wear a face mask in shops, public transport, schools and other settings (unless exempt), to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

In the latest coronavirus press briefing on May 11, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that face coverings would no longer be required in schools.

Health secretary Matt Hancock also told Sky News that the Government is not “ruling out” changes on a wider scale from June 21, as lockdown restrictions continue to ease across the country.

But, until that point, it is still the law to wear face coverings in a variety of public settings.

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Original publication 12 May, 2021

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