Benefits of social nudity

Benefits of social nudity: building self-confidence


Everybody certainly understands this experience. You recognize aspects of your life in which you seem to fall short and where you hope to improve. Perhaps you have a problem with procrastination, or inability to manage your time well, or a lack of self-confidence in social situations. Unfortunately, overcoming such problems takes time and effort, as well as simply recognizing and admitting a need for improvement. The result is… procrastination.

You need some motivation to make a commitment to expend the time and energy to work on the problem. Social nudity might give you the incentive to work on a particular difficulty: some lack of self-confidence in social situations.

This isn’t going to be a pep talk on building self-confidence. But if you see a need to work on that, and if you would like to become more involved with social nudity, there are some ways that the latter goal can help motivate the former goal – and even provide some means to address the problem.

One reason people lack self-confidence in doing something is that they understand, quite realistically, that they haven’t sufficiently developed the necessary skills. And this realization leads to something else: the fear of failure in how they perform in the relevant area. In other words, people feel vulnerable when they attempt to do something they know is difficult for them.

We’ve discussed vulnerability before, and specifically in connection with nudity here. There’s still more that can usefully be said about the topic, but for the present purpose, let’s assume the idea is pretty clear: Most people think that being naked in front of others, most of whom may be strangers, puts them in a rather vulnerable position. If nothing else, that prospect suggests a large potential for embarrassment, because of body acceptance issues, fears of not knowing the proper etiquette in social nudity situations, worrying about starting conversations, or whatever.

In this discussion, the assumption is that you’re somewhat new to social nudity. If you’ve read this far, it should be safe to assume that you are fairly interested in trying out social nudity, if you haven’t already, or expanding your involvement, if you have. In that case, you’ve probably know that participating in social nudity is something you want to do. So there’s the motivation to get to work on your naked self-confidence. What’s the next step?

Perhaps that step would be to recognize that if you are able to set your fears aside and actually venture further into social nudity then that participation itself will help you overcome shyness and lack of self-confidence.

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Source: Naturist Philosopher

Original publication 19 February, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 15th August 2021

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