Naked on vacation

Being naked on vacation is becoming increasingly popular

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Naked travel or “swimming” was already named as one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry earlier this year. Naturism is an age-old concept, but the trend is increasingly reaching the general public through the many health benefits and tranquility and space that a naturist vacation brings. 

Three pillars that tourists are often looking for these days. France 4 Naturism, the largest provider of naturist holiday villages in the most charming areas of France, will reopen its doors to visitors this month. For anyone who wants to be one with nature and is looking for an oasis of peace in luxury camping accommodations, a naturist vacation can bring exactly that result.

Being naked on vacation

More and more naked on vacation

That only older people choose to go on vacation naked is an outdated idea. Anyone who has been skinny knows that not wearing clothes can feel particularly liberating. More and more millennials are choosing to leave the hectic performance society. From a detoxification on social media to the inclusion of the principles of minimalism – Less is more and so is clothing.

Naturism can be seen as a gift for the body. Without barriers, without rules or shame. Swim without a swimsuit, sunbathe without white stripes and feel connected to nature. Naturist campsites are also often found in beautiful and spacious nature reserves where you have a lot of privacy and space. Ideal for those who want to avoid the masses.

Naked on vacation

Being naked is healthy

Naturism also brings many health benefits. During the day, you get a substantial dose of vitamin D that is gradually absorbed through your skin while you sleep better at night as sleep hormone melatonin and growth hormone HGH break down less quickly. Naturism also encourages better blood circulation and reduced spread of bacteria. The body temperature is better regulated, because the heat does not persist in the clothes, which causes you to sweat excessively.

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Source: ANAPA

Original publication 8 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 28th June 2020

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