Been Re-Ignited. Ready to Inspire.

Been Re-Ignited. Ready to Inspire.


If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I enjoy learning new things. Once I learn new things, I either implement or incorporate what I learned into my offerings or dive into it further. Well, I must tell you, I was IGNITED on Wednesday. I went to the Ignition Masterclass: 3 Ways to Unlocking Your Power. Asha Eden from The Awakening led the class. The Awakening is a private company from San Francisco, CA. It was a small, intimate one. Yet the class packed a punch. The meditations and the teachings unlocked something within me I never understood I had when I was younger. It unlocked my career goals. It unlocked my soul’s purpose. It unlocked the “why” of my actions. It got me unstuck. It got me ready to kick down doors. It got me ready to stand up to my haters. It got me fired up to work for my fellow survivors and change the world. It got me to understand that this woman right here has LOADS of work to do to make RESPECT A PRIORITY, a residue of LOVE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

I was molested as a child several times by different people. They were either family members, family friends, or camp counselors. When I was 10 during a supermarket run with my aunt, I was molested by an older boy. I was defended by my aunt. The only consequence given him was a trespass from the store for a year. When I was 12, my camp counselor had me feel him up because I was pretty. On a visit to PR, a distant relative kissed me and touched me inappropriately. I had another distant relative years ago tell me, “I am NOT a true Boricua (Puerto Rican) if I don’t allow my husband to cheat on me with other women.” I looked at him with such disgust as he continued to explain in Spanish.

“Men are naturally lustful and need to spill their seeds into every available woman. It helps them to remain respectful to their wives. Their wives are the mothers and the providers of the home. The other woman is the Adventurer. The other woman you can do all the nasty things you do not wish to degrade your wife with.” I rolled my eyes and was grossed out.

Then, I overheard another male associate state “a male relative is doing a female young family member a favor by ‘TRAINING her’ to please her husband later on. Of course, it can not be her father or brother because that is just wrong. However, if it is her distant uncle or distant cousin, that is okay. Then she will know what is a feel-good touch versus a bad one.”

I do not know about you, readers but, this makes me, “gag” every time. Unfortunately, I have heard this numerous times from fellow Island girls from the Caribbean and/or similar cultural backgrounds. I cannot speak for all of them. I can say from all of those I spoke to, they knew it was wrong. However, the family accepted the behavior. The other ladies in their families either blamed them for the behavior or advised them to accept it due to tradition. Some of the ladies moved on with denial. Wish NEVER to discuss it ever again. Resolve to keep themselves, their children, other loved ones away from that individual. Others live with the pain in silence, guilt, and shame. While others use the experience to make a change in their family, community, and the world.

My recent sexual assault from a former In law relative turned me to the latter. I was encouraged to create NuReveal Yoga by my nudist (current) husband. He thought that practicing nude yoga may assist me to reclaim my body as my own. It did. I developed an unmasking ceremony for those who were interested in the process but not quite ready to be fully nude. The unmasking ceremony allows the participant to disrobe. We use our shirts and pants as layers. We remove layers of social rules that weigh us down. We remove layers that we ONLY show to our inner circle, spouses, and BFFs. The participant is allowed to keep their underwear or not. No one, besides the instructor, is allowed to adjust a participant and that is only with permission. The practice is trauma-informed. The practice is filled with loads of options, modifications, and healing. I wanted to help my fellow survivors to LOVE their bodies again. Know that the Universe loves them as they are. Know that they are more than a physical body. That the circumstance is not the end of them, etc.

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Source: NuReveal Yoga

Original publication 23 May. 2021

Posted on NatCorn 28th May 2021

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