Becoming a nudist

Becoming a nudist


If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I discovered nudism as a kid and have been a nudist since then, although I “made a pause” in my teens. I fully discovered and understood nudism as a young adult. After hundreds of blog posts and the first four books of the Nudism series, I came up with the idea of exploring the topic of becoming a nudist. What does being a nudist mean? Why it matters! What are the paths one may follow to discover the various aspects and benefits of nudism?

Nudism questions many people. Our society has so much brainwashed us about nudity that instead of embracing it without remorse and questions, we are ashamed and uncomfortable with the idea. Once we clean our brain, rationally and emotionally, we free our body and mind, and enjoy deeply our nude natural state. After many years of thinking, reading and experimenting, I felt ready to put on digital and physical paper a complete almost guaranteed journey to nudism.

Note – Why did I write almost guaranteed? Simply because many people have deeper beliefs that totally forbid them to even consider nudism. It’s an impossible topic. Hence the almost. Some beliefs are beyond the rational and the emotional. However, if you have a totally open mind, you have all the chances to understand and adopt nudism.

In this post and coming ones, I will go over this journey. It will be posted regularly on the blog, and collated to create the fifth volume of the Nudism Series. The book will probably be slightly different from the post as there is more work involved as the book is edited, but the mindset and the information will be there. As usual, your comments are welcome and these posts would not have been possible without all the comments along the years on this blog and my discussions with many nudists across the globe.

I plan to post regularly and to finish the book over this coming summer. There will be some research involved as well, so bear (bare) with me and enjoy the journey. Of course, if you already are a nudist you may feel that you are not concerned by this book. However, I see two benefits for nudists: 1. I want this to be a great resource to introduce textiles to nudism, 2. I believe there’s always more to learn, and nudism is one topic that you may want to learn more about.

A resource for textiles

We, nudists, need to do more to explain social nudity and contribute to normalize nudity. We have seen many movements over the years, like the World Naked Bike Ride, which aim at normalizing nudity. Many naturist federations have done a great job to enable the legality of being nude in public spaces. However, nudism is still very well misunderstood and still mixed with sexuality and exhibitionism.

The whole society has transformed the naked body into a sexual object. But it’s not the case. A naked body is just a naked body. It’s the intention one places upon it that makes it a sexual object. If we change the way we look at it, we change our behavior for good. Textiles will find resources and ideas to get away with the sexual aspect of naked bodies. Not that nudists don’t have a sexuality. I personally love sex. But, nudists draw a clear line between social nudity and sexuality.

The first objective of the book is to provide a clear path for textiles who are intrigued by nudism on why and how to become a nudist. Although, no stories are similar, every nudist had his or her own path. However, there are similitudes and they are the ones that you will discover and make yours. Nudism is a journey that starts with one step. This book could be that step.

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Source: Nude and Happy

Original publication 29 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 31st May 2021

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