Vault Beach


Latitude:50° 14.34′ North
Longitude: 4° 47.61′ West
OS Grid:SX:009 407


20 minutes walk from nearest car park at Gorran Haven

From St Austell take the B3273 signed to Mevagissey. After Pentewan turn right at the top of the hill indicating Gorran Haven(6 Miles). Proceed through Gorran Highlanes and Gorran Churchtown to Gorran Haven. You can then park in a car park on your left, walk down towards the harbour turning right up Foxhole Lane and onto the Coast Path which goes round Maenease Point before descending onto Vault Beach. The near end of the beach is textile but from the middle towards the far end is naturist.

Alternatively if you take a right turn just before the car park up a very narrow and steep hill called Lamledra Hill you’ll come to a National Trust car park which is directly above the beach.


Vault Beach is a sheltered beach to the eastern side of Dodman Point which reaches up 110 metres. It is a curved sweep of sand and shingle that gently slopes into the sea. Textile and naturist co-exist very happily.

The sea here is usually pretty calm and bathing is generally safe, although there is no lifeguard patrol.

The far end of the beach is unofficially recognised as a nudist beach and can be quite popular during the summer

Dogs may be taken on this beach.

No Lifeguard or facilities on the beach.


  1. Hi Tony, vault beach is lovely, it’s a bit of a trek to get down to and up from but well worth it. I’ve been to penhale sands a few times but feel that vault is more tucked away for nudism and always seems busier. Everyone was really friendly to me when I went 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m Sarah, heading to vault beach for the first time today and often visiting nudist beaches on hot sunny weekends. Would be great to meet new friends and fellow naturists. I’m 41, super friendly and a good companion xx

    1. I am looking to go to vault beach. Iam a naturist who normally goes to pen hale sands. But would like to try somewhere different

    2. Hi sarah im jeff and was looking to go to vault beach as weather is so nice. I went the far end yesturday and prefer being nude it was comftable.

  3. I’d really like to connect to other Cornish naturists I have WhatsApp *********** I had my first experience today and I was made to feel so welcome at Vault Beach. I wish I could thank the nice couple who made me feel so at ease

  4. We are local and usually go to Vault but I’m afraid the storms of last winter brought an awful lot of huge pebbles onto the beach at the naturist end.

  5. Vault beach update

    We visited Vault beach twice in late July 2013. Glorious weather, and a great naturist beach. At the weekend there were about 40 naturists using the beach at the busiest time, on the weekdays around 20.

    There is some co-existence, but naturists seemed to confine themselves to an area beyond a large white cross painted on one of the stones at the cliff wall. I don’t imagine that this is the purpose of the mark, but it might be helpful if you arrive early and aren’t sure how far to walk.

    As usual with many British naturist beaches, there were some characters, including a chap who appeared to spend the whole day standing with his arms folded gazing intensely out to sea. But no perving or ogling from anyone.

    And a nice mix of ages, including (gasp!) some people in their 20s.

    We would recommend walking to the beach in boots. The sand is quite gritty and uncomfortable if you haven’t hardened up your soles.

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