Latitude:50° 11.70′ North
Longitude: 5° 28.30′ West
OS Grid:SW:544 385

Porthkidney has a large sandy beach in front of the sand dunes of Lelant. Reasonably sheltered at the western end and usually quiet. At low tide Carbis Bay Beach is accessible by walking around the point.


Turn off coast road between Hayle and St Ives. Approach from Lelant across the golf course and over the sand dunes.

You can also get to the beach by taking the Carbis Bay turning and then taking the first right. This will bring you to the coast path.


The beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards during the summer season. There is a district council dog ban in force on this beach between Easter and 1 October.


The river is not suitable for swimming and the currents at this end of the beach can be dangerous.


    1. I have been to this area too and am of the opinion that it is no longer naturist. As such I go to Porthmeor Cove (not the St. Ives beach) or Fisherman’s Cove your nearest alternatives.

    2. is porthkidney beach in the sand dunes ok to sunbath naked as i want to go this summer 2021

  1. Went to Porthkidney today July 15th and no naturist in dune area or on beach itself
    On the path next to dunes and next to railway line past the RNLI station found a sign (facing towards the sea!) saying This is NOT a nude beach and nudity is prohibited and you could be commiting an offence and may be prosecuted. Please respect public decency and if you find anyone nude call the police on 101′ This is not the exact wording but near enough. Presumably this is a council sign and they ought to know the law and that the simple act of sunbathing nude is NOT an offence.We need to lobby Cornwall Council to make part of Porthkidney clothing optional!

  2. I have heard that it is now an official nudist beach but you can only be nude in the dunes. Apparently their is now an official designated cruising zone.

      1. Any way to find out? I had read on some other sites recently that they had relaxed things there over the last year or so.

  3. I had the pleasure or not sunbathing nude on porth kidney near Carbis Bay beach last year, most people did not mind but one women called me a perv, I did not look up at her but heard a camera go off a couple of times, so not sure if she was taking photos of me? Apart from that I enjoyed the beach very much.

    1. Hmmm, You are quite within your rights to sunbathe au natural, the truth is that whoever this woman was, SHE was the perv!
      If she happened to take photos of you then she is committing an offence and the statute law is voyeurism. She also sounded like a sexist. Unusual for a woman but there you go. You should of had her arrested.

  4. Porthkidney beach near Hayle, we have used this beach on and off for at least 6 years, as long as naturism is confined to the dunes people will be fine. Council officials or police will only visit or intervene if inappropriate behaviour is occurring just the same as they would on any official UK naturist beach which your readers visit without F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real) every week during summer. It is even warm on cooler days and free from strong breezes. In high summer can attract several couples and quite a few men we have even seen pairs and threes of women all sunbathing naked.

  5. My family and I discovered it on the last day of our holiday last July. I am the only naturist in the family but we all loved the beach, which was almost deserted on a gloriously sunny day. We went there because we believed we could take our dog, as other people did. Are they only allowed on the dunes? It is ideal for naturism, and must be in the council’s interest to promote naked tourism, since hardly anybody else is using it! Anyway we’ll give it another try this year. Best wishes.

  6. Porthkidney Beach is quite discreet when situated at the cliff face with a windbreak, (stay close to the cliff itself) or use the dunes.

  7. Porthkidney beach is an ideal beach for naturist vast stretches of sand which is very clean as well as the water. The dunes are also ideal but we did come across a couple of families who were shocked by us being naked so I recommend that the beach with a wind break would be the safe bet without upsetting anyone.

  8. …I live locally, and the beach is NOT an official naturist beach. The beach and dunes are patrolled by police and local council members, and also very popular with dog walkers. You still get a few male naturists in the dunes, but I would suggest that a towel is kept handy to make a quick cover up if anyone comes along.

    As a naturist myself, I would not like to think that a fellow naturist could be mislead into thinking it was quite safe to go naked, when it is not.

    Hope this may clear any misconceptions about the beach.

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