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Polgaver Beach is one of a trio of beaches on Carlyon Bay, Crinnis, Shorthorn and Polgaver. Polgaver is no longer available for naturist use following permission being granted for planned development.

Although the precise detail of these plans have taken a considerable time to clarify the public right of way now seems to be safeguarded, subject to temporary closure to ensure safety during demolition and construction works.

The Cornwall Coliseum has been demolished
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The Cornwall Coliseum has been demolished

In spring 2015, the “Coliseum” buildings on Crinnis beach, previously used for a sports and entertainment centre have now been demolished and cleared enabling the use of temporary “pop-up” food outlets during the summer season pending the development works.

The beach was restored enabling public use during the summer of 2015. The developer has indicated that it intends to start work on the new development during 2016 so public use might again be restricted during the work.

An update was posted on the site on 3rd June 2018

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  1. My wife and I visited last June (2011) and found access to be almost back to ‘normal’, being able to park beyond the old Colosseum site. There were a few other naturists present with no problems of being approached by security guards. We did not feel completely at ease, mainly through lack of numbers and occasional beach walkers. Unfortunately I am unable to find updates on the situation for this year. Does anyone else have any knowledge?

  2. Please come along to the Public Inquiry in 7th November 2006 venue to be announced at St Austell. Carlyonbaywatch.co.uk continues to oppose the scale of the development and will be representing local concerns at this inquiry. Please see the web site carlyonbaywatch.co.uk for details. I am also awaiting since Jan 2003 decisions regarding access and the public rights of way to the beach. Please come a long lobby MP’s & County Hall and any donations would be very welcome.

  3. I am writing regarding Polgaver beach and what a lovely beach it was too.

    My partner is disabled and we found access to this beach the best so far why just because of some troublemakers do we serious naturists get punished and have our beauty spots taken away from us.

    I know they are developing it now and it is lost forever but surely if we all stuck together we might get a bit of the beach. Textile people have so many beaches to choose from it isn’t fair what harm are naturists doing none.

    I just wish people would move with the rimes and realise that naturists are here to stay and need there enjoyment on beaches like everyone else.

  4. Carlyon Bay Camping and Caravan Park. What a shame this site is not available to Naturists during August (and even at other times, the textiles get the best of the facilities). Why is it that Textiles always push Naturists out of the way? We Naturists always have to move over and make way for the clothed masses. I guess it’s our own fault for not making ourselves a massive enough market force to displace the Textiles.

  5. I am very sad to see the loss of this naturist beach in Carlyon Bay. My ex-wife and I spent many a day on this beach when on holiday in the area in the 80’s, in fact this beach was her first experience of naturism. I have not been down to the area since the early 90’s, must admit most holidays since then have been taken overseas. I hope all is not lost and something can be salvaged.

  6. As regular users of Polgaver beach we are saddened to learn that it is closed , yet again. Our suggestion to stop the unwanted behaviour of the certain few people involved is that perhaps the owners should consider removing all of the bushes at the back of the beach, therefore giving the culprits no where to go. We feel this is worth a try and perhaps it will put them off using the beach for their purpose and we can enjoy it as it should be.

  7. Having visited Polgaver for the last two years and have been looking forward to visiting again this year my holiday has been spoiled by the actions of a perverted minority with no thought for anyone but themselves. Last year during my holiday the beach was well used, including families with children, surely the revenue from the charges could be used to clear the bushes and employ some security to deal with any moron who thinks a naturist beach is for their sordid pursuits and let us have the best beach in Cornwall back for genuine naturists.

  8. I have been a naturist all my life and used to visit Polgaver frequently, especially during summer holidays when there was a lively and friendly atmosphere. My complaint was that when it was too quiet, one felt isolated, intimidated, outnumbered and almost threatened by the constant attention of clothed (and semi-clothed) males ‘on constant patrol’, sometimes sitting very close by and staring… I regret that it has closed, but I much prefer Vault Beach anyway and hope it remains free of the unwanted attentions of these voyeurs.

    1. Just tell people who are a nuisance to go away.
      Be forceful if necessary, film them & send the video to the authorities. Up to the high tide point it is Crown Property but still subject to all law.

  9. Regarding Polgaver, I’m saddened to hear of its imminent closure as I first discovered it in 94 and returned again in 96. At the time, I did realise that the bushes were an ongoing problem for naturists, and for occasional naturists such as my partner and myself. (Yes, we’re a gay couple, no, we don’t subscribe to the voyeurism and cruising). I’ve just booked accommodation nr. St Austell tonight in the hope of spending a good few lazy & long days on the beach, so can anyone tell me if it is actually still open & viable for the post-August bank holiday week, and if not, could anyone recommend other naturist spots within a reasonable car drive from St. Austell? Many thanks.

    1. ” could anyone recommend other naturist spots within a reasonable car drive from St. Austell? Many thanks.”


      The nearest naturist spot I can give you that is still in Cornwall is on the east side of Downderry. It maybe a fair few miles to drive but worth while. The beach is vast but rocky and risks of being cut off by the tide. Downderry is on the south coast and not too far from Plymouth. Other than that, I don’t know if there is still a naturist spot on the north coast of Cornwall at the far end of Perranporth beach. I understand they had issues there in the past, but unsure if it is still available as naturist use.

  10. Steve has already posted news that the current complex is due for demolition in September. It is possible that the whole area will be shut to everyone during development for Health and Safety reasons. A group, naturist and non naturist, are working together to ensure rights
    of access continue after this closure.

    To do so they are seeking to register the beach area and heath land under the Common Land Act 1965 as a village green. They need to show actual use of the land by the local inhabitants for lawful sports and pastimes for a period of not less than twenty years.

    They are looking for such evidence of usage in photographs, articles or letters. Statements from people who have used the beach, especially in the seventies (or earlier), eighties and nineties would be helpful.

    They should be sent to Peter Price, 15 Appletree Lane, Carlyon Bay, St Austell PL25 3QB. You can e-mail him at asginc@asginc.eurobell.co.uk

  11. POLGAVER UPDATE . Having just read the latest edition of H&E naturist i found out that Polgaver is up and running as well as the rest of the beach at Carlyon bay.The access road down to the beach is also open but you have to park at the top of the hill as the beach car park is closed.From the car park at the top of the access road you can either go down the new steps to the textiles beach and trudge along to the far end-hard work-or take the cliff path along the golf course.As the path drops down,there is a track off to the right that takes you down the cliff and straight onto the beach.Easy.The dunes and scrubland to the back of the beach are now fenced off but as no work is going on at this end of the bay,it is as quiet and peaceful as it always was and it might be years before they develop that end of the bay.

  12. My wife and I visited this beach when you could ride on a miniature railway to it from the leisure centre in the early eighties.

    I have seen Steve’s Web site and used the link to see the development (proposed there) have people not heard of what happened to Hallsands in South Devon to a similar sea level location one stormy night!

    This development is sheer lunacy!

    How can the local council give permission?

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