Pednevounder Beach South Cornwall


Latitude:50° 04.44′ North
Longitude:5° 64.21′ West
OS Grid:SW:393 223


Before setting out check the tide times!

On a spring low tide one can walk to Pednevounder from neighbouring Porthcurno beach but be warned, as the tide comes in you will not only find yourself cut off but facing a climb up the steep cliff “path”

Close to Porthcurno are two coves – Pednevounder and Treen. Pednevounder is the westerly of the two.

Take the B3315 from Penzance to Treen village. Walk in a southerly direction across fields to the coast foot path and then on down to the beaches. The way down to the beaches, particularly Pednevounder is very steep and best avoided by the less agile and those with children. The alternative is to descend to Treen and walk around the headland and this is where the tide times are needed as the beach can disappear when the tide comes is, although it is possible to clamber onto the rocks,the time of day should be considered. The beaches are also approachable along the coastal footpath from Porthcurno.

There is a car park about 10 minutes walk away in the village of Treen. Otherwise you can walk over from one of the Porthcurno car parks.


There are no facilities on the beaches.

A district council dog ban is in force on Porthcurno beach between Easter and 1 October but dogs are permitted on Pednevounder.

27 June 2008 – Pednevounder voted fourth favourite naturist beach in the UK in the ‘Bare Beaches’ 2008 survey published by Lifestyle Press Ltd, publisher of ‘The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts’


  1. In my view the most beautiful beach and sparkling turquoise surf anywhere in England. It’s difficult access tends to keep all but the most keen away coupled with the 3 to 4 hours either side of low water that the beach is available. But it’s worth it for sure. In May 2016 we visited on 2 consecutive sunny days and there were about 20 on the beach, probably 15 of whom were happy to be naked. It was super to see couples running down to the water hand in hand free as birds, others playing boules and a handsome couple playing bat and ball. If you visit try to get out onto the sand bar at low water and wade out through the crystal clear surf crashing over the white sand – magical!

  2. In August 2011 (as in 2010), there are far more textiles than naturists on the beach, but this doesn’t seem to cause any issues – the textiles are clearly comfortable with the naturists, and vice versa.

    I would rate this as the most beautiful beach of any description – it’s a bonus that it’s naturist-friendly! This year the sand at the back of the beach seems higher than last, with a huge flat area below making swimming easy and relatively safe. On a neap tide (at least) it is possible to enjoy the beach throughout the day, and not just at low tide, although getting on/off the beach on a high spring tide could be tricky. Although the access is challenging, I’ve seen plenty of children and people 60+ (at least) on the beach – just wear sensible footwear.

  3. Pednevounder Beach. With respect to the comments by Geoff and Rose, I have found the best way of dealing with male voyeurs is to stare unblinkingly back. They soon get the message and leave! It’s been a few years since I was at Pednevounder, but it is certainly one of the friendliest, most beautiful beaches in the world for naturism. I hope to return some day..

  4. Visited Pednevounder beach over the Easter holiday period. I really enjoyed the visit. There were plenty of other nudist there – a mix of couples and singles – of varying ages. With at least 80% nudist it felt great to be able to strip off and enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Felt very much at home and relaxed. Its a fantastic beach, all those craggy rocks, fine sand and beautiful blue water. The water is still a bit chilly so unless you are very tough a long swim is a bit much!! Will certainly visit again.

  5. I stumbled on this beach quite by chance. It was just fantastic. I have never been to an English beach that is so chilled and relaxed. there was no sign of any “weirdos” and will be returning here with my lady just as soon as the weather hots up. No more tan lines for me! See you all in the summer!

  6. Returned 4 days ago from the most relaxing holiday to Cornwall. We found Pednevounder beach by mistake. I’m happy we did too, it was our first naturist experience and we have never been so relaxed, free or at ease.

    When we arrived after making the climb down we noticed that some people were nude. We didn’t have swimming gear with us and soon decided to take our clothes off too.

    We will definitely be going back next year.

  7. We went to the naturist beach at Porthcurno on 28 June 2006 – it was fantastically hot but the water was freezing! There were about 4 others – all textiles – on the beach, but as keen naturists we undressed completely. Sadly, after only 5 minutes we had attracted 2 male voyeurs, one of whom approached very closely and stared rudely. We just ignored him and he eventually went. This could have been rather intimidating for new naturists. A lovely beach, but let’s have more naturists and reclaim it!

  8. We discovered the Porthcurno / Treen beach this summer, on the day before the eclipse (1999). The beach is probably the best naturist beach I have found anywhere, though it is only above water for about 2-3 hours either side of low tide, and is best at low tide. Access is either at Treen head itself (at the bottom of low tide only) or by very steep and rocky paths just west of Treen head. The sand is excellent, the cliffs are composed of solid granite which is excellent for scrambling, and the rock pools full of life. Great for kids – but keep a close eye on the tide coming in, and plan your exit route! At low tide, the textile beach users from Porthcurno stray into the area, but everyone seems very free and relaxed – wear as much or as little as you want seems to be accepted. The local naturists made us very welcome too.

  9. I discovered the beach at Pednevounder/Treen, Porthcurno, near Lands End some years ago. What most impressed me about the place was the way in which complete coexistence between textiles and ‘normal people’, no distinction whatever. It was one of the friendliest and mutually tolerant places I have known. From the piece on your site, it would appear that the atmosphere is unchanged. How very refreshing. Very nice site, by the way. Simple, and hence runs well on the public library computer in Wotton- under-Edge

  10. This beach (Treen) converted me to naturism! 2nd September 1993: golden sands, blue skies, green green sea, it was fantastic. I swam and swam. I agree that the access is a little tricky – that last rock is a bit of a climb

  11. Treen beach – what a revelation – I strayed there last week when
    swimming off Porthcurno, and had a wander around fully clothed for a
    couple of visits I then had three more visits that week as a converted
    Naturist – absolutely the most beautiful beach, full of the most
    beautiful friendly people, including the locals. I am so sad to return
    to Manchester.

  12. Frankie – if you time it right on the neap tides (check a local tide
    table) you can still walk around in knee deep water from Porthcurno and
    spend a couple of hours or so on this beach without having to navigate
    the cliff.

    Sennen Cove seemed to be a lot more free this year – many people topless
    with just a thong (even in the sea) and I was able to remove my trunks
    whilst swimming regularly without opposition.

  13. I discovered the un spoilt glorious beach below the cliffs just beyond Treen way back in 1966 – long before the naturists did! My then-husband and I and our two German Shepherd dogs were agile enough to clamber down the steep and rocky path until we reached what i can only describe as a mini-paradise. For many years, each time we visited Cornwall, we always spent many peaceful and sunny days on Pednevounder, and gradually, over a period of time, people began to take off all their clothes and celebrate true freedom. My husband was not amused! And the first time I joined in and discarded what was a miniscule bikini anyway, he almost exploded with rage. Not to be deterred, I went for a swim, and played with the children of a nude family.

    This happened many years ago, and now I am happily divorced, but a bit too arthritic to risk the steep and rocky path. I can only crane my neck from a certain vantage point near the balancing rock of Treen, and admire and envy the carefree naked souls on Pednevounder, as they soak up not only the sunshine, but the relaxing and perfect setting to be themselves

  14. I have been on thee Treen beach 3/4 times in the first 2 weeks in may 2004. I found it to be one of the best beaches I have been on. the friendliest people I have met. there is textiles as well as naturists on Treen but on one is upset or offended by the naked people.
    very good beach for all.

  15. This is without a doubt the most beautiful naturist beach in Cornwall, if not the whole country. Looking down on that beautiful beach from the cliff footpath above for the first time, seeing that clear blue/green water, fills me with great heart every August. The view back up the cliff and around the bay is just as awe-inspiring. It’s a place I have been revisiting without fail every Summer over the last 8 years since I first read an article in H&E magazine. The fact that it is a mixed textile and naturist beach does not bother anyone as everyone seems to get on with everyone else. Perhaps its because everyone is so close together in a fairly small space, then it is natural to strike up a conversation with your neighbour. I have met some lovely, friendly people down on the beach and many return year after year at the same time. Who needs foreign beaches when we have places like this. Just don’t tell everyone!

    Being south facing, the coves are a natural sun trap and it can get quite hot in the coves, even in late August, particularly the second one known to the locals as ‘the oven’ although if the wind is off the sea it can be quite cool. The walk up the beach to Logan Rock is wonderful when the tide is right as is bathing in the deep pools underneath the cliffs. Please bear in mind the tides if visiting this beach. It has been mentioned that you can wade from Porthcurno beach to Pednevounder, but this is generally only possible at the lowest of low tides. It is possible to sit it out on the rocks at the rear of the second cove until the tide retreats and you will always be in naturist company. If all else fails, just haul up on the rocks above the beach and continue sunbathing as many naturists do when the tide comes in and the textile families generally leave. Also don’t be put off by comments about the climb down. I have seen all ages come down onto the beach. The climb down the last few feet is quite easy as there are plenty of foot and hand holds. For those first timers, there is generally always someone who will help you in your scrambling exploits! You will not be disappointed by Pednevounder beach.

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