Great Perhaver Beach
Great Perhaver Beach
Great Perhaver Beach


Latitude:50° 24.57′ North
Longitude: 4° 78.52′ West
OS Grid:SX015421

Great Perhaver beach is just along the coast from Gorran Haven, lovely sandy beach with lots of rocks for kids to explore only accessible by boat or very steep and muddy footpath from field above the beach. No beach at high tide.


No lifeguard cover.

Seasonal dog ban. Easter day to 1st October.


  1. You may already know that near Vault Beach, the other side of Gorran Haven, is Great Perhaver Beach. This cannot be reached by land but at low tide you can swim round from Little Perhaver (the northern part of Gorran Haven) or you can pull up a small boat. The beach is almost empty except at weekends in July / August when a few boats come ashore. It has fine golden sand and huge rocks which give a lot of shelter and create secluded areas for sun-bathing. It is not an officially recognised nudist beach but provided you “keep a low profile” no-one objects – mostly there is no-one near enough to notice! (It’s probably best to avoid prancing around in front of passing boats).

  2. Great Perhaver is a lovely cosy beach and we often go there with our boat. Not many people go there which is good because us locals we like it that way!!

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