Loe Bar Beach


Latitude:50° 03.31′ North
Longitude: 5° 16.69′ West
OS Grid:SW:643 241


From Helston take the A3083 south towards the Lizard for about 3 miles, then turn right on to a minor road signposted “Berepper – Gunwalloe”.

Follow the road through Berepper until it ends near the cliff edge (parking here may be difficult though), Continue on foot in a north westerly direction to the cliff path that leads down to the beach, continue along the beach for about 200 yards to reach the small coves used by naturists.

Alternatively, approach from the opposite direction, Loe Bar, parking at Loe Pool.

Small car park to the east of Porthleven, 15 minutes walk away


This is a steep-shelving beach with dangerous undertows, the bottom being very fine pebbles that get sucked away from you when you try to get out of the water. Expert swimmers have drowned in this area, so swim with care!

There is a district council dog ban in force on this beach between Easter to 1 October.


  1. I have visited this beach on several occasions over the past two summers and have found it to be a most pleasant experience. Although the beach could be described as pebbly, it also has a number of small recesses at the base of the gentle cliff which provide slightly more secluded sun-bathing. Swimming is not recommended because of the powerful tides and a sharply declining shore.

    On the occasions I have been, there were always at least 2 or 3 other groups of naturists, who gravitate towards the left-hand end of the beach (facing the sea). What I particularly like is the fact you can socialise or not with others…there is no great sense of cliquiness. Most groups, and they are predominantly couples/families or single sun-worshippers, tend to keep themselves to themselves.

    There are infrequent passers-by but all beach users seem to understand how the beach is informally organised. Don’t forget your sun-cream!

  2. This beach is best approached the lane opposite HMS Seahawk gate before the bridge. Take the lane to you see a sign for Loe bar small area for parking, then walk down to the beach turn left along the beach if you go past the outcrop watch the tide for coming back, beach is hard to walk on, fine shingle. – happy days

  3. I visited Berepper Beach during August 2001 not knowing anything about it and only found it with difficulty, the road down to the tiny car park can easily be missed. It’s almost opposite the pub in Gunwalloe. There were approximately 20 textile people including my family using the beach who were all clustered at the Gunwalloe end near the car park. The rest of the beach was deserted. I noticed that a man walking along the beach towards Loe Bar removed his trunks once he’d got away from the people so I decided to do the same but waited until he’d returned so as not to spoil his peace. I walked naked along the water’s edge for quite a distance but at one point noticed I was being watched by a group of walkers on the coastal footpath on the cliff top although there are plenty of rocks and secluded places to sit. Apart from this group I only saw one other walker on the coastal path and I didn’t see anyone else on the beach. The down side is that it is not safe to bathe in the sea here and the beach is shingle, I managed to cut both feet and had to turn back but I did have a very pleasant time. There are no facilities on this beach.

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