Arthur’s Beach (Sunny Cove), Falmouth


Latitude: 50:13:25N
Longitude: 5:07:97W
OS Grid: SW 804 305


Arthur’s Beach (Sunny Cove), Falmouth
Arthur’s Beach (Sunny Cove), Falmouth

Arthur’s Beach (aka Sunny Cove) is situated 1 mile west of Swanpool Beach which is on the western outskirts of Falmouth. You park at Swanpool car park or for free if you rather around its perimeter, much of which is not double yellow lined. From here you proceed 200 metres westward to a bend on the hill. On this bend is a large entrance to the coastal footpath. Follow this footpath without deviating, no matter what the temptation to cut through undergrowth in the mistaken belief “I may be in the wrong place”. Just over half a mile along the coastal path you shall come across an obelisk, dedicated to the Home Guard of World War II. Eight feet beyond this on the opposite side of the path is another narrower path leading down toward the sea, follow this for 400 metres and you shall arrive at the outer edge of Arthur’s Beach. A small length of rope is there to help people get down the final 4 feet of path to the beach. Then head westwards to the first Naturist section frequented by “Old Boys” and couples and some topless young women. The second section requires you to walk to the end of this section and across a flat rocky outcrop which stretches for about 150 feet (this is only 5 feet high and very easy to traverse. This will bring you out on to a larger more spacious section which tends to be frequented by gay men, younger couples and sometimes a few clothed alternative young couples.


Both sections are very pebbly so windbreaks or parasols don’t stick in the beach well, cut a carry-mat in half for each person going because the pebbles make it very lumpy, take a light camping style windbreak with pegs if you want privacy from the passing boats out at sea. Some boats have anchored up off the shore so the occupants can go nude swimming so they won’t be offended. It’s more small passing pleasure boats, but the occupants would need binoculars if they want to be offended. Oh yes and the beach is easily accessible to all but the physically disabled. Swimming is quite safe and is best carried out at the far western edge of the gay and young side.


16 thoughts on “Arthur’s Beach (Sunny Cove), Falmouth

  1. Hi i am looking to go to arthurs beach this summer and would like someone to go with female or male i love to get naked but lack company please reply to me by Email or text me on 07964704787.can’t wait for your replys. Thanks nigel

  2. I am a female (late 20s), quite new to naturism but enjoying the freedom! I heard about Arthur’s Beach near Falmouth and am quite keen to visit when the weather gets warmer. Could anybody tell me more about it? I have found it a bit intimidating in the past when I am the only girl on a nudist beach with lots of older men. Are there any women or younger people out there who visit this beach?

    1. I would come down the coast to pednevounder/treen beach .a lot better sandy beach and a lot of friendly people .

    2. Hey Fennie,

      I live about 20 mins walk from this beach so I’ve been plenty of times. There’s 4 or 5 regular old dudes who seem to live on this beach (lol) and they are usually interspersed with both men and women.

      The beach has a nice feel about it. I know what you mean about some beaches being quite intimidating, but at this beach it has a very friendly feel and most people say ‘hi’ to one another etc. I’d be very surprised if you experienced anything negative here, it’s a great place.

      Hope you manage to get there!


    3. Hi Fennie,

      Been a regular there for many years. Whilst females are in a minority, this beach is very safe for a female alone. You do get a few younger, sometimes alone females and couples there, particularly early in the summers before the University breaks up. The ‘regulars’ are all very friendly and may well come over and say hi, but they also self police the beach and see off any occasional undesirable arrivals. You may even meet ‘Arthur’ himself who still manages to get down despite being in his 80s. My advice would be to stick to the first part of the beach if you are unsure but don’t be put off by anyone who says hello.

  3. Am looking for anywhere in the hayle area where i go naked sunbathing any help or advice would be great. Also anyone who would like to come and join me would be most welcome many thanks. Nigel

    Note: Contact on the quoted email address has been returned “undeliverable”·

  4. Hello,

    I am hoping to create a collection of photos and interviews with those who go to Arthur’s Beach and who are naturists. If anyone would be willing to have a chat or point me in the right direction of someone who would be that would be wonderful. You can contact me via phone 07930073453 or email

    Thank you!

    1. We have contacted Georgie and she has confirmed that she is looking to interview and create a mixed media project on ‘Hidden Cornwall’. This will range from lighthearted elements such as foraging to more sombre topics like drug addiction.

      Georgie is hoping to record an interview with no more than two people about naturism and what it means to them. Ideally along with the recording of their voices she can take some photographs and perhaps some moving image shots.

  5. Sunny Cove?????
    Extremely disappointed with this beach. Went there in the height of August during the holidays and wasn’t the best of days. I’m not sure if anyone uses this beach at all. I parked at Meanporth and the walk to the beach must have been almost two miles. The only people that use this beach are dog walkers. I spent two hours at the beach and in total – three dog walkers visited, mooched around and left again. It is right in front of one of the busiest kayak and yachting lanes in Cornwall so approximately every ten minutes expect to see groups of kayakers come in front of the beach. Very rocky and stoney and challenging to get to. Sheltered from the sun and should really be called “Desolate Cove” not Sunny cove. No sunbathers in sight and certainly no nudists!! Don’t waste your time visiting here – keep your bikini on and go to Swanpool beach just a little further on – at least you wont be the only person on the beach!! – Sarah O’Shae

    1. Hi Sarah,

      This beach requires the sunniest of days, but the shortest approach, from the Falmouth direction, is recommended. I’ve been there several times in summers past, usually with about 20 nudists/topless present, of mixed ages,
      some couples and some singles and a few textiles. Very relaxed and the kayakers take no notice.

    2. Would be happy to take you to arthurs beach on a summers day so you can see how good a place it is . Nigel

      Note: Contact on the quoted email address has been returned “undeliverable”·

  6. I am sending detailed information of quite a popular naturist beach 1 mile West of Swanpool, Falmouth. It is used far, far more than the Rosemullion Head and a bit more than Porthkidney and Loe Bar beaches presently in your listings.

    1. Had a great day but the footpath is further up the hill by the ww2 monument met a few couples who went down the first one just like us but was great fun after we found it and if u r lucky enought to meet shawn the painter don’t be shy to ask him if you want to model for him looks a bit crazy but he’s down to earth

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