The Strangles


Latitude:50° 73.33′ North
Longitude: 4° 65.23′ West
OS Grid:SX 130 955


From the north leave the A39 ‘Atlantic Highway’ at Wainhouse Corner take the turn to Crackington Haven, take the lane to the south to the ‘Trevigue’ owned by the National Trust where there is roadside parking. Follow the footpath to the beach and turn right to The Strangles.

From the south leave the the A39 take the B3263 towards the small hamlet of Tresparrett Posts. After passing through this hamlet take the next right turn. Follow this road for approximately two miles until you reach Trevigue.

On the seaward side of the road on the bend there is a footpath leading off towards the cliff top. Take this path which for the first 200 yards is quite flat. Once you leave the enclosed path and step out on to the cliff top you can see the beach below. The descent is mostly moderate with one or two rather exposed parts. The path is quite distinct and can be followed fairly easily. Eventually you arrive at roughly the mid point of the beach. Most naturists tend to turn right towards the northerly end of the bay.


There are no facilities at the beach.

It is a pebbly and stony beach but sand is revealed at low tide when it is shared amicably by textile and naturists. In busy times naturists clamber over the small rocks to the adjacent Little Strand beach but care should be taken not to be cut of by the tide.

Dogs allowed all year.


  1. Well worth the long, steep walk and traversing the slippery rocks if you can. At low tide it’s a lovely beach with a friendly group of locals. The nudist section is just on Little Strand, to the far right, over a band of rocks at the eastern end of the main (textiles) beach.

  2. The Strangles is not for the faint hearted or infirm as there is a formidable climb down to the beach – and an even more formidable climb back up. For those who do venture down they should be careful about swimming as there can be a rip current at certain states of the tide. There was a notice about it last time I ventured down.

  3. It is well worth the trip down for the view alone, though the naturist part is on the rocks not very comfy!!! Word of warning whilst we were there 2 cars were broken into,apparently this is a common occurrence.

  4. If you enjoy cliff walking (down and then up again) this is nice spot. The walk down is over some pretty steep and slippery terrain, so it should be attempted with care. The hard walking conditions are compensated for by the stunning coastline views- both aspects are often breathtaking!

    The beach area itself is best used at low tide – this reveals the very rocky areas – best avoided – at both the northern and southern ends of the beach; something almost entirely masked – as is most of the sandy beach – at high tide. The unofficial naturist section is the northern rocky side, but because of the difficult access, the entire beach is often quiet, so if you arrive at good time, you can enjoy the sandy spots nude – on my second visit, I had the entire beach to myself!

    The walk up again is quite a climb, best taken in stages. The access road to the small car park is also very narrow, especially travelling from the Crackington end. A good spot to visit if you want some decent exercise and a unclothed respite before the ascent home.

  5. hi to you all we the locals of strangles would like to ask all who visit this beach to go to the far right of the beach over the rocks is naturist side we would like your help in this as last year the NT had complaints siren

    p.s. the sun is shining the weather is good.

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