Flexbury Cove Beach


Latitude:50° 50.53′ North
Longitude: 4° 33.21′ West
OS Grid:SS:200 090

“Flexbury” is a stretch of coastline about half a mile to the north of “Northcott Mouth” and ¾ a mile south of “Sandy Mouth”. Parking is available above the beach at Northcott Mouth and Sandy Mouth walk about half a mile to the north/south of the beach respectively.


Bude is on the main A39 coast road or, if approaching from inland, approach on the A3072 from the direction of Holsworthy.

Having parked in Bude, the beach is a relatively short distance to the north. Alternatively, follow side roads north from Bude – via Flexbury – and then turning to the left in Poughill to reach Northcott Mouth (where car parking in available). From Northcott Mouth, the beach used by naturists is about a quarter of a mile south – towards Bude.


No lifeguard on this beach.


Care should be taken not to get cut off at high tide.

Our thanks to Richie for his comments below giving more complete details on this beach.


  1. I live in Bude and we use First cove as a naturist beach.
    It is generally very quiet with few people.Only seen three other nudists all summer.
    You do get a few textiles using the beach but it is big enough for everyone to have their own space.
    Not many textile passers by as they only use the beach when tide is right out and then they are about a quarter of a mile away.
    Sublime location.

  2. Visited this beach again in 14-17 July 2018. It is till little used by anyone, let alone naturists but on the 3 hot days that I was there there were other couples naked (only one couple per day) and on one occasion a single lady. This is a stunning location, particularly when the tide is out and great location for sunbathing, swimming, surfing (caution no lifeguard) au natural 🙂 Other than on this website it isn’t listed many places as a beach used bu naturists which probably explains its lack of nude tanners which is a shame.

  3. We have been naturist for thirty plus years. We have been members of UK naturist Association. The America Association and the French. We lived as naturists for three years touring America and Canada. They have the best and most quiet campsites and most friendly people.
    Your list of beaches refers to Flexbury Beach, Bude. This is not a beach firstly and there is no naturist beach, as such, near Bude. We have Summerleaze, Crooklets, Northcott Mouth and Duckpool- heading northwards. To the south we have Widemouth Beaches and a few smaller beaches further south again.

  4. Having reviewed the entry on the website and OS position perhaps I should qualify. The stretch of beach I and others have used over the past 3 summers (and will again this summer) is at the very southern end of Sandy Mouth, beneath Westpark Pit on the north side of Menachurch Point at OS position 200 090. “Flexbury” seems to be used to cover a large stretch of the coast here but the nude area seems to be 2km North of the village and Flexbury is not the nearest parking. Nearest parking is at Sandy Mouth (1 km along beach or cliff top) or Northcott Mouth (700m along cliff top or beach if tide is out); both have National Trust car parks but better facilities at Sandymouth. There is a steepish path beneath Westpark Pit down to the beach where there are plenty of secluded areas at the back of the beach. At low tide there are sandy areas but at high tide it is large pebbles or the odd rock shelf. At the back of the beach there will only be the odd textile (occasional fisherman, dog walker or sun bather) if any as the main area with life guards, toilets and cafe is at Sandy Mouth. When the tide is well out then there is a lot of pedestrian traffic between the Sandy Mouth and Northcott Mouth beaches but it all stays close to the waters edge; as soon as the tide reaches Menachurch Point then the route is cut off so then there will only be the odd dog walker. At about mid tide then rock spurs cut off the sandy route and people stop walking to the nude area.

    “The beach here is stunning, exhilarating in the surf (caution no life guard) and easy to get to. I think the reason it is little used is that people see “Flexbury” on various naturist websites and then go to the wrong place and therefore believe that there is no nude bathing, they need to go north side of Menachurch Point.

  5. Nudism does still take place at Flexbury (or has for the last 3 summers) but not in any great quantity so depends when you visit as to whether you see “textile free” or not. Plenty of nooks and crannies in the rocks at the back of the beach to be discretely out of view of the numerous passing textiles between Sandymouth and Sumerleaze Beach when the tide is out.

    “When the tide cuts off the headland to Sumerleaze you will not have any passing folk.

  6. I have not seen any naturists here for the past few years. Stanbury mouth north of Bude is a beautiful and quiet stretch with hardly any people at all. Make sure you walk to the far left of the main beach and through to the smaller beach beyond. When the tide is out a lovely stretch of sand appears-otherwise pebbles.

  7. Have visited Flexbury several times since the mid-80s, but have yet to see any nudity on this beach. Only topless evident as far as my experience goes.

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