Footprints In The Sand

With the loss of Polgaver Beach at Carlyon Bay there are no ‘official’ naturist beaches in Cornwall.

Although those listed below are believed to have ‘tolerated’ use by naturist, users are always recommended to act with care until familiar with the circumstances at each beach.

While we have included beaches of which we are aware, we are sure that others of the many secluded spots on the Cornish coast are used discreetly by naturists. Your sensitive use of these places will help to ensure that the present tolerance continues as all those listed are “tolerated”.

Don’t leave valuables in your car at any remote car park!

Dogs on Beaches

Beaches on which there is a dog ban are identified although we would not recommend taking dogs on to beaches for any length of time, especially in warm weather – remember their needs, particularly shade and water!

A full list of all the dog restrictions is given here.

Water Quality

Over two decades, the quality of the South West’s bathing waters has been transformed and the region now has the most Blue Flag beaches in the UK.

Now Beach Live gives visitors live information on risks to bathing water quality caused by overflows in the public sewage network. Overflows are rare and help protect homes from internal flooding but can affect water quality.

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