Cyclone march in 2007 that demanded respect for car drivers and asked for a nude beach.

Beach nudism up for debate

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A group of neighbors collected signatures in August 2006 to delimit a part of a sandy area in the city in which to be completely naked – The Council rejected the proposal

For a few days, at the beginning of August 2006, there was talk of nudism in the city. A group of regular residents of beaches where their users do not wear swimsuits then began to collect signatures for the City Council to declare one of its beaches nudist. They claimed a delimited area of ​​a beach or cove in A Coruña with “adequate services and conditions” where “to be able to enjoy a right like the citizens of the vast majority of coastal municipalities in the country” without having to travel to other municipalities to take sunbathing, bathing or walking on the sand completely naked.

The promoters of this demand added in the first days a little more than a hundred firms and ended up gathering about 2,800. But the proposal seemed aimed at not being very taken into account by the municipal government from the first moment. When the mayor, Javier Losada, was asked for his opinion, he responded with an elusive “let’s talk about serious things.” More extensive was the Councilor for the Environment, Florencio Cardador, although making it clear that there were not many arguments to please the supporters of nudism on the beaches of Coruña.

The mayor reacted to the request admitting that the matter would be studied. But to satisfy nudists, their space in the sandy areas would have to be hidden from the gaze of the rest of bathers and walkers from all angles, which ruled out beach areas such as San Amaro, Riazor and Orzán-Matadero. A few days later Carmen Marón, a spokesperson for the local government, assured that the Council would not declare any beach or part of the beach nudist. Marón ruled out nudist areas bounded in large sandy areas and also in small ones, such as As Lapas, because he affirmed that neighbors who wanted to go to those places could feel “harmed” if they were beaches where users were without any clothes. And what did she think? He washed his hands: “I’m not going to chase nudists,

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Source: La Opinión a Coruña

Original publication 7 August, 2016

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