Be at peace with yourself

Be at peace with yourself


Let’s be honest, we all have something in our life that we regret and no matter how successful we are, there is always something to stress and worry about. If only I was more successful, if only I had my dream house, if only I had a healthy relationship, if only I had more time to go on vacation. The list is never-ending and there will always be something that takes away and drains our positive energy, which makes it difficult to be at peace with ourselves.

Reality is, only if we are able to be at peace with ourselves, can we be at peace with the outside world. We have to understand that there are certain things in life that we can’t control, but it all starts with putting a stop to our inner chaos and face our problems.

While this may sound incredibly difficult, it’s not as hard as it seems. It is all about constantly learning to listen, to understand, to feel and to appreciate yourself and this is a lifelong process. Allow yourself to be imperfect, come to terms with mistakes and don’t beat yourself up over events and circumstances that you have no control over.

Here are our TOP 10 tips to be at peace with yourself and set yourself free.

Be at peace with yourself
Bold Naked Be at peace with yourself / Bold Naked
Be at peace with yourself / Bold Naked

#1 Come to Terms with Yourself

The first step to being at peace with yourself is to accept yourself. Accept your strengths as well as weaknesses, accept your flaws and mistakes and let go of any doubts, so you can really love yourself. There are certain things and characteristics that you don’t have and that go against your nature. Reconcile with that and make peace with it. Accept that you are who you are and if there is something that you really don’t like about yourself, change it. But keep in mind, nobody is perfect and nobody should be. How often have you accepted the flaws of a person you love? Give the same courtesy and respect to yourself.

#2 Unleash Your Inner Artist

Art is incredibly powerful and has the ability to free your soul. A lot of us believe in the healing powers of art and that it is beneficial for our body as well as our soul, so use this ultimate tool to learn more about yourself and with that learn to be at peace with yourself. Getting lost in creating your art, has tremendous meditative qualities that can help you to keep things in perspective, recalibrate your emotions, feelings and thoughts and reduce obsessive thinking and restlessness. Art can be expressed in a variety of ways, so choose what inspires you the most, whether that’s music, painting, sculpting, dancing or anything else.

#3 Live in the Present Moment

To be at peace with yourself you have to let go of the past and enjoy the present moment. Take each and every day as it comes, don’t let the mistakes of the past or the worry about the future plague your mind and stop you from focusing on this present moment. It is a lot less burdensome and overwhelming when you stay with the present and focus on what you can do today, rather than thinking about what you should have done yesterday or what could happen tomorrow. Learn to appreciate the now and let things happen as they naturally occur.

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Original publication 12 December, 2019

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