Natalie tried her first naturist event in July this year

Bawtry woman on trying naturism: ‘I felt silly having clothes on because everyone was completely naked’


Natalie Sanderson tried naturism for the first time shortly after lockdown

For many of us, lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to take up new hobbies or reacquaint ourselves with interests that we had let fall to the wayside.

But for Natalie Sanderson from Bawtry, lockdown gave her the final push she needed to try out something completely new: naturism.

As someone who owns waxing salons and trains beauticians in waxing, Natalie said that she has always been involved in people’s bodies and has been instrumental in helping people to feel comfortable and confident when naked.

Natalie Sanderson has embraced the naturist lifestyle at home
Credit Uncertain Natalie Sanderson has embraced the naturist lifestyle at home

And with many of her clients being members of the naturism community, Natalie, 30, has fielded many invites over the years to join them at events across the country.

She said: “I was interested, but I never had the guts to go forward with it until this year.

“I’d been invited to events but I’d always been nervous and self conscious, then all of a sudden I had this overwhelming urge of confidence and I did it.”

Natalie’s first foray into the world of naturism was for a weekend at the Lakeside Naturist Holiday Resort, which reopened in July after the first national lockdown.

Taking a friend along for moral support, Natalie said that – though she was nervous at first – it did not take long for her to relax and feel comfortable.

She said: “It was just a campsite full of naturists and, as scared and nervous as I was, I felt very comfortable and at ease and felt silly having clothes on because everyone was walking around completely naked and it was just so natural and normal.

“For the first couple of minutes the adrenaline is going around and you feel very self-aware and self-conscious but then you feel quite exhilarated and free.”

Natalie said that when she returned for the second day of the weekend, she had never felt so free.

“I’d never felt so free minded in my whole life and my friend felt exactly the same, so we decided we would do this again and build our confidence even more”, Natalie said.

She has since attended a couple of other events and said that the community is wonderful, supportive and understanding.

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Source: YorkshireLive

Original publication 14 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 25th February 2021

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