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Bates Beach nude section reestablished
Bates Beach is nude again (with conditions) thanks to long-term efforts of SCNA & Friends of Bates Beach

North Rincon Beach (locally known as Bates Beach, named after the beach’s access from Bates Rd.) is at the southern tip of Santa Barbara County, just north of Rincon Point.

The beach was once a safe, family-friendly environment that attracted several hundred people on summer weekends. On the convenient eastern end, people in bathing suits came to exercise their dogs and watch the world-class surfers practice their skills. The more remote western end served many people who enjoyed a clothing-optional beach experience. These traditional uses of the beach served the public well for over 40 years

Nude section at Bates Beach
Nude section at Bates Beach
SCNA and Friends of Bates Beach group photo 2017
SCNA and Friends of Bates Beach group photo 2017

Beach tourists ate at local restaurants, stayed in local hotels, and brought in estimated half-million dollars into the local Carpinteria economy. A cooperative attitude worked well for the local community and allowed law enforcement officials to focus on significant incidents.

In 1977, in response to complaints of inappropriate behavior at several other nearby nude beaches, the county passed an ordinance banning public nudity throughout Santa Barbara. The law was used to close most of the beaches to nude use, except Bates, which continued on with few problems for another 20 years. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Young Naturists of America

13 September, 2017, 5:30 pm

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