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Barriers to Social Nudity Faced by Females


Anyone who has been involved in naturism for any time at all quickly learns the fact that far fewer women than men seem to enjoy participation in social nudism. At clothing optional beaches for example there are generally several times as many men as women. The same is true of online nudist and naturist discussion groups. Only in private clubs and resorts, where deliberate quotas are enforced does anything approaching parity between the sexes occur.

The focus today is on the barriers to female participation in social nudity. In a future article I will explore some of the reasons why men seem to be more attracted to social nudity and seem more willing to adopt the naturist lifestyle.

Just why do so many more men than women seem to enjoy social nudity? Are women just less likely to find the experience of nudity, either privately or socially enjoyable than men? Or is there another explanation for the persistent gender imbalance commonly found in social nudity circles?

Social Nudity
Credit Uncertain Barriers to Social Nudity Faced by Females

Significant deterrents do exist for women when it comes to social nudity that men do not have to deal with and I feel this is why fewer women are involved. These include greater problems with body image, concerns about voyeurism and sexual harassment, worries about physical safety, and simply the conditioned cultural disapproval of nudity in general – the general attitude has been that nudity is offensive, disgusting, lewd, shameful and immoral. The weight of social tradition is much more likely to be an issue for women than men.

Even for women who manage to overcome these obstacles, and are able to feel relatively at ease with being naked in public and who have come to discover that they enjoy it, there remains one other significant problem. Since many more men than women choose to participate in social nudity, some women nudists may feel simply feel intimidated and inhibited simply because there are fewer of them, in other words by the sheer imbalance of numbers among the sexes. The gender imbalance may not even be an obstacle to female participation necessarily because of concerns about rude behavior or physical safety. It can simply be that women like to spend time socializing with other women at about any kind of social gathering, whether naked or clothed. Thus, the absence of other women in significant numbers, to talk with and socialize with can be a real deterrent to many women having the desire to participate in social nudity.

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Source: Nudist Society

Original publication 7 February, 2013

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