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Naturism and Images – It’s All About the Intention – Part 1

There is a continual controversy on Twitter and on other social media sites that purport to deal with naturism, that argue about images that are tagged as naturist where and when the genitals are seen. I know I waver back and forth between allowing full frontal images of myself and “safe” photos where body positioning or judicious cropping takes care of the possibility of offending. But when I do this, I become the problem. At that moment, I stop being authentic and hope that somehow I can be in the collective, well at least a small corner of the collective.

Genital free “safe” image. Obviously nude but not threatening.
Genital free “safe” image. Obviously nude but not threatening.

Many of the images are blatantly not about naturism, but rather about individuals desperately posting images of themselves with the focus fully on their genitals – “see me, I have a penis … am I not amazing!” Yes, the vast majority of these genital images are posted by men. Continued…Read full original article…

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La playa de los Moros, una cala nudista a los pies de Adormideras
Un pequeño arenal entre rocas es utilizado por naturistas desde hace años pese a no tener esa catalogación

En A Coruña no hay ninguna playa nudista. Eso dice la teoría. Pero en la práctica, un pequeño arenar rodeado de rocas junto al barrio de Adormideras tiene como usuarios mayoritarios a personas naturistas. Durante estas semanas de buen tiempo y días festivos esta cala se ha masificado, ante la mirada curiosa de quienes pasean por el parque de los menhires.


La zona es conocida como playa de los Moros, en clara referencia al cementerio musulmán reconvertido en la Casa de las Palabras, un punto de encuentro multicultural que permanece cerrado. El arenal tiene una longitud de 25 metros y una anchura de 15 metros hasta el mar.

Varios residentes en la zona no son capaces de concretar el momento exacto en el que la cala fue tomada por naturistas. Unos dices que, hace «un par de años», apenas se veían. Continued…Read full original article…

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Women should feel safe to send their nude pictures
EMMA Freedman had a point when she said it was dangerous taking nude photos. But her argument was flawed, writes Kerri Sackville.

“Have you ever sent a nude pic to a lover?” I asked a female friend a couple of weeks ago.

“God no,” she said. “I don’t want my lovers to see my body while we’re doing it, let alone look at it in a photo!” We laughed. “What about you?”

A photo of a naked woman wearing premiership medal that was circulated after Richmond’s win has rocked the AFL community.Supplied
A photo of a naked woman wearing premiership medal that was circulated after Richmond’s win has rocked the AFL community.

“I’ve done it,” I told truthfully. “It was really fun. I have no regrets. I’d probably do it again.”

I thought about our conversation last night, after Sports Sunday aired a segment about the Richmond leaked photo scandal. As Peter Fitzsimons criticised the AFL’s historical mistreatment of women, radio commentator Emma Freedman had a different take. Continued…Read full original article…



Naked in subway
Una ciudad, un hombre desnudo y un metro. Estos son los tres protagonistas de este vídeo que se ha hecho viral en las redes sociales, subido en agosto de 2017.

¿Qué hace este hombre desnudo en el metro de Berlín, y por qué a nadie le llama la atención? Podría formar parte de una campaña publicitaria, de una performance artística o de un vídeo que denuncia alguna causa. Quizá simplemente es un hombre desnudo que viaja en metro.

Todo tipo de pasajeros inusuales viajan en el metro de Berlín: mascotas, personas sin hogar, músicos e incluso una multitud de gente sin pantalones en enero de este año durante el “No Pants Subway Ride“.

Pero dos videos subidos recientemente a YouTube y Vimeo muestran que un hombre dio un paso más y despreocupadamente montó las líneas U1 y U4 completamente desnudo, para sorpresa de sus compañeros de viaje, informa Tagesspiegel. Continued…Read full original article…

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Quenching a Thirst

When I was a kid there was a citrus soda called Rondo. They had a commercial where a man would stumble out of the desert, in desperate need for a drink. But before he’d take the inevitable offering of water, first he’d ask for some plain, dry, potato chips. He wanted his thirst to be so extreme that when he drank some Rondo, it would be even that much better. Rondo – the thirst crusher.

Well Rondo is long since gone, but for me, as a youth and budding naturist, I had a thirst…..for nudity. While it’s a memory of a bygone era, but what young man didn’t have his stash of nudes — a few treasured well worn, dog eared photos of a nude, semi-nude, or bikini clad goddesses. Over the years I had accumulated my own collection that I had stumbled across — a photo of Bo Derek frolicking nude on a beach, a stolen page from my sisters vogue of a woman sunning nude by a pool, and a few others. Like so many others, they provided titilation and enjoyment in their own right.

But somewhat juxtaposed to the Playboyesque collection were a few other gems — a photo from a book catalog showing a cover of a book about Nudists featuring a nude woman and her child by a lake, a ripped page from a National Geographic showing two nude young men walking across the Savannah, and another magazine photo showing a nude pearl diver. While I’ll be the first to say I enjoyed my other collection beyond measure, this group was even more special. It was a glimpse into another world. Continued…Read full original article…

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Reach for the smelling salts!
A female nipple is soon to be shown on daytime television in the UK for the first time ever. Reach for the smelling salts!

11,000 people (99% female, 1% male) died of breast cancer in the UK in 2014.

Anything that might lead to a reduction in this number is to be welcomed, by undertaking regular self-checks (or, come to that, have a partner help you with that check) regardless of what a small yet very vocal band of people might inevitably say about it.

I await its broadcast, or more accurately, the reaction to its broadcast, with interest. We Brits do a very good line in sexualising the body while hypocritically fearing it being seen. Continued…Read full original article…

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Sarah Silverman Explains the Full-Frontal Nudity ‘I Love You, America’
The comedian reveals why she had two audience members sit naked during the premiere episode of her Hulu variety show.

The debut episode of Sarah Silverman’s brand new Hulu variety show I Love You, America features some startling full-frontal nudity. The moment comes during the comedian’s opening monologue, in which she tells the crowd that instead of picturing the audience naked, she’d prefer to see some real-life nudity.

Erin Simkin

The camera quickly turns to two of the show’s attendees, Scott and Stella, both seated in their chairs completely naked, prompting a mix of gasps and giggles from the rest of the crowd. With a grin on her face, Silverman greets Scott and instructs the cameraman to pan down to his “pubes,” as she puts it. “Great penis, Scott,” she explains, before turning her attention to Stella and her privates.

The uncomfortable bit, it turns out, was developed early on in the writers room. “When someone pitched the picture-the-audience-naked concept, I went, ‘Ugh, that’s so trite. You thought of that because you’ve seen it before on television,'” Silverman explained to The Hollywood Reporter after the taping. “So we just leaned into that trope and made it into something totally, in my opinion, original.” And after all, this is a streaming service, not some broadcast network with strict standards and practices limits. “I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we are on a network where we can see nudity, clinical nudity.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Skinny-dipping in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are great for hiking and kayaking, but even relaxing by a creek may turn out very special there, as it happened to us at the so-called Potholers on the East Canada Creek. One of the reasons was that it was secluded enough to have the spot to ourselves most of the time, so we stayed comfortably naked.

Active Naturists

Upstream from where we stayed, the creek was deep enough for swimming.

Downstream were the rocks, flat and comfortable – you can’t ask for a better way of relaxation than chilling outdoors with the sound of running water. Continued…Read full original article…

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Fotografía de desnudo
Nunca es tarde para iniciarse en la fotografía artística del cuerpo humano.

La larga tradición del desnudo en el arte nos ha dejado muchos genios, obras, polémicas y, por supuesto, fotografías. Desde los orígenes de la fotografía encontramos el desnudo artístico como tema. Ha servido para mostrar la belleza del cuerpo humano, pero, sobre todo, ha sido un vehículo para transmitir abstracciones, formas y universos personales (obsesiones, pasiones, fobias…).

Jesús León

La fotografía de desnudo, pues, ha sufrido muchas etapas pero siempre esta ahí. Por eso, es un género constante y presente y muchas veces tabú y que cohibe a muchos fotógrafos que les atrae pero que no lo llevan a cabo. Pero nunca es tarde para iniciarse, así que vamos a desglosar algunos consejos y vamos a conocer a algunos autores para quien quiera sumergirse en ese maravilloso mapa que es el cuerpo humano con todo lo que conlleva y puede representar. Continued…Read full original article…

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These candid nude portraits of men are fighting body shaming in the LGBT community
Hook-up culture generally is pretty shallow.

Apps are designed to be a kind of internet-shopping-dating-experience, where you go by looks rather than personality. You’ve only got a few seconds to lure someone in before they swipe left. Looks are what make people give you a chance to explain yourself.


And all dating apps have an element of ‘looks first’ about them, it’s an attitude especially endemic in the LGBTQ community. Apps like Grindr and Scruff are often unforgiving and prone to body-shaming. Men list what they don’t want in their bios – ‘no fats, no hairy, no old’ are not uncommon. Continued…Read full original article…

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Women posting ‘free nudes’ are destroying the industry, says model

An Australian glamour model claims women posting nudes online are ruining the nude magazine industry and taking money from paid models.

Jasmin Shojai makes her living as a “top glamour model” and believes other women who post pictures online at no cost are destroying her career prospects.

Jasmin Shojai wants women to stop giving provocative photos out for free online.Facebook
Jasmin Shojai wants women to stop giving provocative photos out for free online.

The 23-year-old told the Daily Mail Australia: “If men can get fresh pictures of hot girls from social media why would they need to go out and buy nude magazines.”

“Women who are photographed for magazines now are paid so much less than they used to be – or are expected to do it for free. Continued…Read full original article…

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400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise

The British have once again proved that knowingly wear the title of most pretentious nation on the planet, having started a Grand swim naked, which only remembers Druridge Bay in Nothumberland, reports Rus.Media. About 400 naked absolutely enthusiasts of both sexes, regardless of age or body type, the sun bravely went into the icy waters of the North sea.

400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise Enchanting sight!
400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise
Enchanting sight!

What are they, you ask? And that they have a charity event like this. Called North East Skinny Dip (“North East skinny dipping”), it was held for the seventh time, and invented it in 2011, 38-year-old paramedic from Sunderland JAX Higginson.

The event takes place completely naturally: people splashing in the icy waves, embraces, uplifts hands to the sun and generally enjoying life in every way. Continued…Read full original article…

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The art of nude hiking
Nude sunbathing is nothing new, but nude hiking?

You’d be surprised to learn that it’s more prevalent than expected – in Dankerode, Germany there is a dedicated 18km nude hiking trail. And the airy activity is more common than you’d imagine on the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails. There’s even a group of nude climbers who make an annual pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Monument, redefining the traditional definition of crack climbing.

Woman enjoys view of Sierra Nevada Mountains while soaking in hot spring.

If you’ve felt the urge to bare all to Mother Nature, you are not alone. But before you go, plan ahead. There’s etiquette for naked hiking – you don’t want to end up with an embarrassing mug shot! So it’s a good thing to know the rules before you strip down. Continued…Read full original article…

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The nudism gender problem: how to get more women involved
Ideas and solutions for attracting more women to nudism

We’ve talked about how and why nudism has a woman / gender imbalance problem.

We can attract more women to naturism by using photos of real naturists and body diversity.
We can attract more women to naturism by using photos of real naturists and body diversity.

Now it’s time to talk solutions. What can we do about it? How can we attract more women to naturism? We’ve got a few ideas Continued…Read full original article…

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Adelaide is ready for nude yoga, says instructor behind sold-out liberating workshops
ADELAIDE women will get rid of their inhibitions — and their clothes — when they practice nude yoga for the first time on Saturday night.

Yoga instructor Rosie Rees has been running the unique workshops in her home town of Perth for three years, as well as in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Tonight’s workshop at the Power Living studio in the city is a first for Adelaide.

Rachael Lahey, 23, practises nude yoga.Naomi Jellicoe
Rachael Lahey, 23, practises nude yoga.

“I wanted to create a practice for women to love and accept their bodies,” says Ms Rees, 30. “People told me Perth wasn’t ready for it, that the world wasn’t ready for it. Pretty much every workshop I’ve ever run has sold out.”

Workshops run for 3.5 hours and begins with a sharing session, meditation and simple exercises in a candlelit room. Class sizes range from 15-30 people. Continued…Read full original article…

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Getting naked on Paros, Greece

From our Naked Wanderings Cyclade Islands Basecamp on Antiparos it was only a fifteen minute ferry ride to the neighboring and much bigger island Paros. So on a nice Sunday morning we woke up early, walked to the scooter rental shop, went through some useless price negotiations and ended up with a black and blue 50cc beast.

Only minutes later we embarked on the ferry with high expectations. If we had been able to find such a nice range of nudie places on a small island like Antiparos, what would it be on its bigger brother?
We have to warn you, this is not a happy story. Continued…Read full original article…

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Don’t touch

I was always a shy young girl in my teens and didn’t really think about boys that often. I remember my father always telling me and my four elder sisters not to talk to boys so this followed throughout my younger years. In the back of my head I could always hear those bullies telling me that I would never have boyfriends or get married. This stuck! I couldn’t even possibly think about it. When I was 13, there was a boy who swam at the same club as me and he had bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes. I think he was the first boy I had a crush on. At the end of the year we always celebrated our achievements in swimming and had a club disco.

I was looking forward to seeing him there and hoping he would’ve noticed me. When he arrived he caught my eye but never took time to look back at me. I watched him all night until he walked out the door. I got up to use the toilet and as I walked down the corridor there he was … kissing my sister. I was so horrified I ran into the toilet quietly crying. I knew from that day there was no possibility any boy would even bother to look at me yet alone date me.

When I turned 15, my best friend told me her cousin liked me and I didn’t believe her. Why should I? I was lacking so much self esteem and confidence that I remember workmen shouting out to me on many occasions, ‘smile sweetheart’. I honestly walked around with my shoulder drooped and my face watching every step I took. Continued…Read full original article…

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Facebook ad ban over nude artwork shocks women’s not-for-profit
Tote bag created by artist Frances Cannon features two nude women dancing but was ‘in no way meant to be controversial’

The Victorian Women’s Trust, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women and girls through research and advocacy, has been banned by Facebook from advertising a tote bag for sale as part of a fundraising drive.

Facebook says the tote bag created by Frances Cannon and sold by the Victorian Women’s Trust violates its advertising policies.Breeana Dunbar
Facebook says the tote bag created by Frances Cannon and sold by the Victorian Women’s Trust violates its advertising policies.

The bag features a picture of two nude women dancing and was created by the Melbourne artist Frances Cannon, who uses her work to promote self-esteem, positive body image and self-love.

The trust is selling the bag to raise funds to carry out its work but fears it will now lose money after it was banned from promoting the ad on Facebook and Instagram. Continued…Read full original article…

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Nudists advocate for more adults to opt for body paint costumes at Halloween
You might regret putting on that extra weight this summer

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is encouraging people this Halloween to embrace the practice of body painting in lieu of costumes.

Even, as the AANR terms them, those “living the textile life”.

In its literature online, the 86-year-old association touts its work, speaking out for those in North America that participate in wholesome, family-oriented nude activities. There are over 200 clubs and resorts across the map that cater to nudists. According to AANR, there are some 52 million people around the world for which they advocate. Continued…Read full original article…

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Ronny Deila in bizarre team talk as former Celtic boss goes NUDE to inspire current side
Former Celtic boss Ronny Deila has revealed he inspired his new side to a crucial win – by stripping naked.

Deila is now in charge of Valerenga in his native Norway but with the team lingering just above the relegation zone, they faced a vital showdown with rivals Brann last month.

Ronny DeilaGetty images
Ronny Deila

So Deila – who famously celebrated avoiding relegation with former side Stromsgodset by leaping about in just his pants – decided the best way to relax his men ahead of the clash was to bare all in a team meeting.

And it worked a treat, as the Oslo club grabbed a much-needed 2-1 win. Continued…Read full original article…

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Nudism, Nudists and Everything You Want To Know About The Nudist Lifestyle and Nudism!
Introduction to Nudism and what does being a nudist mean?

A Nudist may have many reasons for being naked. Some common reasons are self-acceptance, getting closer to nature, physical comfort, and more authentic human connection and relationships.

Nudists feel that a deeper or truer understanding of people can be attained by first stripping away outer signs of class, wealth, and style. A nudist person will argue that mentalities like “clothes make the man” are superficial and judgmental. By removing the means of preconceptions – clothing – people can see each other as human beings and not as their socio-economic status.

A Nudist Take Over – Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!
A Nudist Take Over – Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!

A lot of people prefer to live the majority of their lives fairly fully clothed. Some might even spend a good deal of their time focusing on shopping and putting together stylish outfits for this purpose. But there are also a good number of people who prefer to live just the opposite and embrace nudism.

That is, nudism is a lifestyle that is shared by many communities across the world. For some, it offers an alternative or “more natural” way of living. As a side note, “naturism” is actually the term preferred by many nudists today. While nudism and naturism both refer to the practice of going nude in a non-sexual setting, naturism tends to have a philosophy and values behind it. It isn’t just about nudity but about acceptance, equality and respecting others and the environment. Continued…Read full original article…

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El veto al nudismo atenta contra la libertad individual

Hemos querido recuperar una entrevista que se realizó a Emili Vives a día de hoy propietario del primer pueblo naturista de la península ” El Fonoll ” donde se hablaba de las libertades y el veto que sufre el nudismo.

Emili Vives, naturista, decidió poner en marcha El Fonoll hace 20 años con mucho trabajo y mucha ilusión. Aprovechando la entrada en vigor de la prohibición del nudismo y el seminudismo en Barcelona, hablamos con él sobre ésta y otras cuestiones. Continued…Read full original article…

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Skinny dippers disrupt wedding reception

Zachary Tomko tells WHDH-TV he didn’t realize there was a restaurant nearby when he and Holly O’Neil jumped naked into the water at Salisbury Beach Saturday afternoon.

Salisbury Police Chief Thomas Fowler tells The Boston Globe his department received several calls about the nude swimmers from both beachgoers and members of the wedding party.

Fowler says police charged 29-year-old Tomko and 20-year-old O’Neil, of Londonderry, New Hampshire, with disorderly conduct. Continued…Read full original article…

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My Life Is Like Most People’s, Except I Do Almost Everything Nude

When I was about 10, my parents were afraid that if I fell off a boat I might drown, so they enrolled me in a swim class at the local YMCA (Westfield, New Jersey). In the indoor-pool all-boys class, nudity was mandatory for the students. I loved the body freedom and the equality with my fellow students.


As soon as I was old enough not to need a babysitter, my parents would leave me alone when they went out for the evening. Whenever they left, as soon as their car was out of sight, I’d run to my room, ditch my clothes, and return to the living room or kitchen to spend the rest of the evening gloriously naked. I continued going nude around the house when my parents were out, and in my room after they had gone to bed. I remember warm summer nights lying on my bed without sheets as balmy breezes from the open windows wafted across my entire body. I felt wonderful!

I longed to repeat the feeling of freedom I’d had at the Y but had no opportunity for 12 years, until at age of 22 I moved to California to attend graduate school. A friend a year ahead of me showed some slides of the San Francisco Bay Area, one showing a road sign for which he narrated. “Below this sign is a nude beach.” I memorised the sign as he flipped to the next slide. Soon I suggested to my wife that we go to the coast and, without saying why, I took her to that nude beach, Bonny Doon. When we arrived on the beach, I spread our blanket and took off my clothes. For the first time since my teen years, I was delighted to feel the breezes blowing over my entire body! I knew I was home. Continued…Read full original article…

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El nudismo y yo – Parte I

Todo comenzó -o al menos comenzó en mi vida- cuando me inscribí en un gimnasio con sauna incluido. Había empezado mucho antes, en verdad, en los inicios de la humanidad; pero fue mutando, evolucionando y volviendo a cambiar durante los siglos de historia, los cambios sociales y la gente. Me refiero al nudismo, al andar “en cueros”, en pelota o en bolas. Para los alemanes es conocido como FKK, la “Freikörperkultur” (cultura del cuerpo libre), mientras que para otros como una falta a la moral y las buenas costumbres. Para mí: un paradigma cultural totalmente distinto al de la represiva comprensión del cuerpo en Chile, trauma que intento poco a poco superar. Hace un mes, dejé deslizar mi toalla por primera vez frente a miradas ajenas (femeninas y masculinas) en un pulcro, pero atestado camarín. ¿Qué se escondía debajo? Apuesto a que casi ninguno de ustedes lo sabe.

Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1989-0710-419 Uhlemann, Thomas / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1989-0710-419

Siempre recordaré una de las primeras cosas que mi papá me contó sobre Europa cuando era chica: en Alemania, las ancianas andan en bicicleta y usan vestidos con zapatillas. Sí, en una época en la cual los vestidos y faldas se ocupaban única y exclusivamente con zapatitos, ponerse unas zapatillas parecía algo de Marte. Pasaron muchos años antes de que me diera cuenta de que ese simple detalle revelaba una diferencia crucial entre la sociedad alemana y aquella en la que yo había crecido. Y pasaron muchos más antes de que pudiera empezar a cambiar el chip.

En el año 2013 tuve la suerte de aterrizar en una ciudad en donde existe un lema: sé quien quieras. Desde lo que usas hasta lo que no. Da igual, no te juzgaremos por eso con engorrosas y discriminadoras etiquetas. “Los cuerpos son diferencias”, dice Jean-Luc Nancy*, “Por consiguiente, son fuerzas. Los espíritus no son fuerzas: son identidades”. Nuestra superficie puede ser una, pero no quiere decir que nos determine. Por supuesto, lo que nos ponemos (o no) sí está basado en decisiones, pero no existe, necesariamente, una regla. Cuando mi padre me hablaba de señoras locas mezclando ropa inadecuada, ahora sé que me estaba nutriendo con los primeros conocimientos sobre Berlín, la capital que es ahora mi hogar. Continued…Read full original article…

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Mum walks in on husband’s webcam meeting completely NAKED and is so mortified she wants to move country
Her fellow mums have rallied round with some tongue-in-cheek advice, including moving to Mars

THIS mum accidentally walked in on her husband’s webcam meeting when she was completely NAKED, and now she’s absolutely mortified.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman explained that she sleeps naked and walked into the living room “starkers” this morning, unaware that her husband was working from home and mid conference call.

A mum was left mortified after accidentally walking in NAKED on her husband's webcam call this morningAlamy
A mum was left mortified after accidentally walking in NAKED on her husband’s webcam call this morning

“I’m going to have to leave the country, aren’t I? Or do you think I could get away with radical plastic surgery and a new identity?” Baggypants wrote.

“I’m afraid the client probably did see me, because as I walked into the room I noticed over DH’s (dear husband’s) shoulder there was somebody on the screen talking. And that it was me…” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Sun

2 weeks ago

Nude Olympics overshadowed by prospect of beach ban

Organisers of Saturday’s inaugural Nude Olympics at Byron’s Belongil Beach say they are already planning for next year’s event.

But those plans may have to be put on hold if a motion before Byron Shire Council next week to ban nude bathing at the beach is successful.

Attendees at Byron’s inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday (October 7) ‘blowing the whistle on sexual assault.’ Photo supplied
Attendees at Byron’s inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday (October 7) ‘blowing the whistle on sexual assault.’

Cr Paul Spooner says in the comments attached to his notice of motion, ‘While I am not against clothes optional bathing on our beaches it seems blatantly clear to me that the isolated location at [Belongil and] Tyagarah has unfortunately encouraged negative social behaviour and has made the location undesirable for many people to now use as a public beach.’

But local naturist Wayne Pendobny, who runs the Save Kings Beach and Belongil/Tyagarah Nature Reserve Facebook page, told Echonetdaily, that ‘banning a perfectly natural pastime is not the Byron way’ Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Echo net

2 weeks ago

Dos Evas

¿y un Adán? No, no voy a hablar del famoso programa de televisión, que tanto dio que hablar en su momento, y del que al parecer se está preparando su segunda edición… en este caso, estoy hablando de dos mujeres cuyo nombre es Eva, y no de mí, puesto que no me llamo Adán; y las dos han hecho que me haya animado a escribir de nuevo, en este periodo de mi vida en el que ando metido.

No voy a hablar de estos Adán y Eva… Cuadro de Wenzel Peter; fuente:
No voy a hablar de estos Adán y Eva…
… y de estos, menos todavía… imagen tomada del primer programa de Adán y Eva, de Cuatro
… y de estos, menos todavía…

Todo empezó con una pequeña locura: una tarde, hablando con Carla por esa temible herramienta de comunicación llamada whatsapp, le propuse medio en broma medio en serio que nos fuéramos a la ciclonudista de Valencia. Como por el whatsapp el lenguaje no verbal brilla por su ausencia, ella me tomó totalmente en serio y se lo comentó a su marido. Elicio me dijo que le apetecía, así que allí nos fuimos los dos, el sábado 6 de junio, a las 4 de la tarde, al viejo cauce del río, junto a la feria alternativa.

La verdad es que la cita no pintaba muy bien, dada las dificultades que tuve para conseguir una bicicleta: eso de que internet te facilita la vida es una de las falacias que todos aceptamos, pero que después no se cumple, al menos en todas las ocasiones: buscando una tienda de alquiler de bicicletas, encuentro una a unos 500 metros de mi casa, y que abre en horario continuo; así que, un poco antes de salir de casa, llamó por teléfono para comprobar la disponibilidad de bicicletas para alquilar, y me encuentro con que el número de teléfono corresponde a una gasolinera, y que allí no alquilan bicicletas, pero me redirige a una gasolinera que sí las alquila, pero allá en el quinto pino. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

Do Naturists Have “Privates”?

Among non-naturists, the term “privates” is the usual term to denote someones genitals, buttocks, or female breasts. Most everyone hears that term as a child. And I agree, those areas are private, in most settings, unless you choose otherwise. Everyone, adult or child, should understand that their body is theirs and theirs alone.

But among naturists, at some point in their lives, the sheath of privacy, visually at least, to those areas is removed. I’m not saying they become public domain. Quite the contrary. What’s yours is yours, nude or not. But I’m speaking visually. We don’t hide our genitals, buttocks, or breasts. That’s part of what makes us, us. But I often wonder, do we have limits? When does acceptable nudity become unacceptable nudity among naturists? Is there such a line?

I’ve spoken about erections as being seen by most as being over that line. As you know, I’m a firm believer that there are some cases where I completely disagree with this approach. I believe that there are naturist settings and situations, usually depending on who you’re with, where erections can be totally acceptable and far from inappropriate. But I wont go down that well worn path again. You can read my earlier posts on that subject, namely the posts “Keep Calm” and “What Was I Afraid Of”. But how about on the ladies side of the equation? Is seeing a woman’s labia, or more, somehow inappropriate in naturist circles? How about a man or a woman’s anus? Continued…Read full original article…

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Bloot op tv is gewoon, en toch is de Nederlandse tv preutser geworden
Op 9 oktober 1967 was voor het eerst een blote vrouw te zien op tv. Twee borsten kwamen zomaar de huiskamers binnen. Vele primeurs volgden, en vijftig jaar later kijkt niemand op of om wanneer een naakt lijf in beeld verschijnt. En toch is de Nederlandse televisie preutser geworden.

Het eerste naakt

Verscholen achter een opengeslagen krant verschijnt een vrouw in beeld. ‘Phil Bloom’, spellen de letters op het scherm haar naam. Twee over elkaar geslagen blote benen piepen onder het papier uit, erboven beweegt een paar zwaar opgemaakte ogen over een nieuwsbericht.

'Adam zoekt Eva Vips', uitgezonden in 2017.RTL
‘Adam zoekt Eva Vips’, uitgezonden in 2017.

“De VPRO zet schaar in naakt van Phil”, klinkt de stem van de vrouw. “Fotomodel Phil Bloom komt 9 oktober niet naakt op de televisieschermen.” Nadat beelden uit de tweede aflevering van het tv-programma ‘Hoepla!’ zijn uitgelekt, waarop de kunstenares in evakostuum reacties op aflevering één voorleest uit Trouw, hebben de omroepbonzen de uitzending volgens het artikel verboden.

Toch is Bloom die negende oktober 1967 in menig huiskamer te zien. Met een stalen gezicht leest ze het bericht uit. Dan vouwt ze de krant dicht, waarmee alsnog een stel blote borsten en dijen achter het papier vandaan komen: een wereldwijde primeur voor de televisie. Continued…Read full original article…

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We’re all the same — really?

That’s a common claim among naturists, that when the clothes come off, so do so all of life’s labels — income, education, status, class, etc… And accordingly, naturists see beyond those stereotypes. I get what they’re saying. That at our most basic, we are all generally the same, from a basic biological standpoint at least. That’s a nice idea.

I agree that clothing plays that big of a role in determining how we are portrayed to the world around us. If I wear a business suit and walk into a restaurant, I will give one impression, and probably get an entirely different type of service, depending on the restaurant. If I walk in wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and flip flops, it will be a different experience. People will judge and evaluate based on what they see. But all those impressions are gained solely by visual means.

So it’s true, nudity does remove many of the indicators that people use to size someone up. But it doesn’t remove all. Age, race, weight, tattoos, piercings, and physical attributes are still in play. To me, we’d be disingenuous to imply that naturists can see beyond all factors, that naturists operate on a different plane, as enlightened nude souls able to see beyond labels. Continued…Read full original article…

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George Orwell
George Orwell

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” George Orwell

I talked to my son about porn and it was mortifying but important
A quick skim through a porn site nowadays suggests that unless there are nipple clamps, hoists and a variety of gardening tools involved, you are positively Victorian. So if we don’t educate our kids, who will? Pornhub? Redtube?

Porn, I read in an article this week, has the greatest influence on our young when it comes to sex education. This is troubling considering some of the porn I have watched in the early hours when I have been unable to get to sleep. The women’s bodies, unreal in their near-robotic smooth perfection, are contorted into positions you know are impossible without terrible cramp.

Porn is carefully manufactured – and it’s important our children know thatReuters
Porn is carefully manufactured – and it’s important our children know that

In porn, sex is so often something that is “done” to the women by men who don’t seem nearly as concerned about the body beautiful or personal grooming. You have to spend hours on porn sites to find women who look like they are actually enjoying themselves. Literally hours. Makes me wonder if I watch porn because I can’t sleep or if I can’t sleep because I watch porn. It’s a chicken and egg situation. All I know for sure is that the chicken was wearing suspenders and the egg was no gentleman.

Teenage girls are being pressured, it seems, by their male porn-obsessed peers into giving blowjobs, having sex and sending nude pictures of their body parts over their smartphones. It’s not a new thing, of course, young girls and women being persuaded to do things they don’t want to or are not ready to do. And the internet means that the pressure isn’t just there when they are out. It can be there when they are in their bedroom pretending to do their geography homework. Continued…Read full original article…

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A prude’s guide to baring all
The debrief: from nudist beaches to Hollywood waxes, is it ever possible to feel comfortable getting naked in front of a fully dressed stranger? Self-confessed prude Catherine Hufton investigates

There’s no beating around the bush (no pun intended) but I’m a self-diagnosed prude. I always have been, always will be. On my first girl’s holiday to Newquay as a teen, my very confident friends decided to skinny dip in the sea after several bottles of Lambrini. I stood on the sand with my arms crossed feeling completely at odds. ‘What the hell is wrong with you – get in!’ they screamed as their boobs bobbed up and down in the dirt-grey water. ‘I’ll just stay here and watch the bags,’ I yelled back. ‘It’s way too cold for me!’. 15 years later and I remain the prude of the group, the one they’ve never seen naked. Ever.

As a grown woman, I’d like to say that I’m not quite as frigid as I used to be, but the thought of many everyday beauty treatments still brings me out in a cold sweat. I’ve never had a spray tan, and still have nightmares about a Brazilian wax I got a few years ago. A massage is about the best I can do. Am I alone? Turns out I’m not. I spoke to a few fellow prudes about their own experiences of baring all, while turning to the beauty experts for tips on losing one’s inhibitions. Cont…Read full original article…

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The pros and cons of social media for the future of nudism
“Dear Facebook, Several months ago we’ve sent you a message with complaints, but unfortunately we haven’t heard anything back from you. We’re still not satisfied…”

This could have been the start of another open letter to Facebook complaining about the fact that they still don’t respect us, the nudists. Because they still seem to think that what we are doing belongs to the same category as porn stars having threesomes on white leather couches.

We do like to fight for our rights, verbally at least, and we love the discussions although they’re often endless. Give us a bottle of wine and some snacks and we can talk the whole evening and most of the night about how wrongly we feel treated by social media and how unaccepted we feel by something that’s supposed to bring people together. But in the end they’re not going to change their rules for us, they are big businesses. They react on the requirements of a majority. They don’t care that some Naked Wanderings blog (a very good one by the way, you should read it sometime) complains about getting temporarily banned or that a woman starts questioning wheter or not a fraction of her nipple can be shown.
Well… at least not when you’re alone… Cont…Read full original article…

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This Is Me Having My Naked Body Painted In NYC At Age 60
The day was not about individual bodies: It was a celebration of art, togetherness, and the beauty of creativity and bravery.

As I stood in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in New York City, all I could see in every direction were artists, models, and swarms of photographers. Today, though, was so much more than an average flashy New York event. The artists, you see, were not pulling out regular cans and tubes of paint, and the models were not donning fancy clothes — on the contrary, the streets were filled with people taking their clothes off.

April Anderson for Art As Air

Today, in the middle of the bustling city, was the annual BodyPainting Day NYC, and for the first time ever, I was ready to join the fun.

April Anderson for Art As Air

I stood in line for body-painting artist Yvett Darcie, who asked me “Give me three words to describe yourself.” I was nervous to remove my clothes and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let my body be a canvas for her creativity. The thought of being 60-years-old and naked in the streets of New York City with my aging body made me hesitate, but I also wondered how this experience might change and empower me. Over the past year, I have learned that change never happens in the comfort zone, so I looked at Yvett and answered “A Warrior Goddess” as I started to remove my clothes. Cont…Read full original article…

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