Ashley Graham posted a nude selfie

Ashley Graham shares nude selfie, tells fans to ‘love the skin you’re in’


As temperatures rise, Ashley Graham is advocating for a summer of self-love.

The supermodel spread a message of body positivity on Instagram Monday, sharing a nude selfie and a slideshow of women embracing their stretch marks.

Ashley Graham posted a nude selfie
Instagram Ashley Graham posted a nude selfie while spreading a message of summertime self-love. / Instagram

“As the weather gets warmer, I know a lot of people struggle with wearing less clothes and showing more skin,” her caption began.

In hopes of inspiring others to “love the skin you’re in,” the star’s post included shots of other women proudly showing off their “beautiful bodies.”

Naked selfie in mirror
Instagram Ashley Graham often strips down to celebrate her curves on Instagram. / Instagram

The reshared photos, all of which Graham had been tagged in, included a close-up of stretch marks along with the caption, “Beautiful. End of discussion.”

“Believe me when I say your body is beautiful, and I know it’s easy to tell yourself the lie that you’re not good enough, thin enough, sexy enough, ‘flawless’ enough to wear a tank top or a swimsuit, but it’s hot out there and so are you,” Graham, 33, continued.

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Original publication 22 June, 2021

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