Argus reporter puts on his birthday suit for Brighton nudist beach anniversary

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“SOCKS on or off?” I holler through high winds to the photographer.

Off. I’m going the whole hog. It’s the 40th anniversary of the day Brighton decided to open Britain’s first nudist beach, and I’m wearing my birthday suit for the occasion.

It’s a nippy day out on Black Rock naturist beach. The few hardy nudists hunkering down in the shingle are loath to expose themselves to a fully clad reporter.

Argus reporter Laurie Churchman at Brighton Nudist Beach
Argus reporter Laurie Churchman at Brighton Nudist Beach

So I’m meeting them on their own terms.

Kit off, I’m better equipped for the job. But I’m surprised by how quickly the thrill wears off too.

In the easterly patch of Brighton beach set aside for naked bathers on August 9 1979, between the sea and the pebble mounds that shield naked bodies from prying eyes, nudity is no big deal.

But in Brighton 40 years ago, it was anything but.

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Source: The Argus

Original publication 9th August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 22nd August 2019

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