Argentina. The beginnings of nudism

Argentina. The beginnings of nudism

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There is no doubt that nudism has ceased to be a curiosity.

However, it does not cease to amaze that, in Castelar, in 1934, they already practiced it. Francisco Verding, Agustín Puyo and Roberto Ferrer, who did it individually and who had the idea of ​​forming a nudist community in the area.

The task was not easy for them, first there were only twenty, but when they reached one hundred they decided that they should have a space to develop the activity.

Argentina. The beginnings of nudism

Once they managed to finance the project, the owners of the nearby fields did not want nudism practiced on their properties. When they wanted to create the nudist association, they felt persecuted and misunderstood, until they could contact a nudist who offered them their field and property to do so.

In this way, the PANDA group was born, acronyms that meant (First National Association of Naked Nude Argentina), in 1934. The group met on the banks of the Reconquista River, 4 km from the Márquez Bridge. The news soon arrived among those who saw the proposal with strange eyes.

Curious people appeared everywhere, cars, motorcycles or bicycles came to the place to see what was happening in that strange colony. Some even used their planes to have a different view.

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Source: Histonudism

Original publication 23 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd February 2020

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