Anyone can enjoy naturism

Anyone (almost) can learn to enjoy naturism and social nudity

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Given that a fairly small (or even negligible) percentage of people in most countries are open and active naturists, this may not seem to be intuitively plausible. But let’s consider how it could be true.

Many current naturists didn’t quickly discover the pleasures of social nudity, because they just accepted the prevalent misconceptions of naturism and how open nudity is a strong taboo in most societies. So they acquired little idea of what naturism is actually about and mistakenly assumed that becoming a naturist would be more difficult than it really is – therefore probably not worth the trouble.

Anyone can enjoy naturism
Anyone (almost) can learn to enjoy naturism and social nudity

Fortunately, many people have eventually become naturists anyhow – although a lot later in life than necessary. That happened either because they were sufficiently curious to learn more about naturism, or they let themselves be persuaded by a naturist they knew to give it a try.

Of course, some people really will find becoming a naturist quite difficult. One type is a person who’s very reclusive or a complete “loner”, someone who’s hardly interested, if at all, in relating socially with others. People like that are pretty rare. Much more common, unfortunately, are people who aren’t open-minded enough to accept that naturist nudity isn’t at all immoral, improper, “indecent”, or objectionable.

Naturists should generally not try to change the minds of people like this. They’re within their rights to hold the opinions they do, even though their aversion to nudity probably resulted from social conditioning at an early age. They certainly aren’t good prospects for enjoying social nudity.

Before becoming a naturist, a person may well expect that choice would be difficult, given all the misconceptions about naturism that exist. But anyone who’s sufficiently open-minded to learn what naturism is actually about will probably be surprised to find that enjoying social nudity is a lot easier than they supposed. Once they decide to give naturism a try, they can quickly learn that dispensing with clothes – occasionally or even whenever possible – is a wholesome, fulfilling way to live.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 8 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 26th July 2020

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