Anti Spam Policy

NatCorn Anti-Spam Policy

Many websites contact their customers occasionally to provide information about offers, news and general updates. We don’t and we never have done.

We at NatCorn have never contacted anyone with regards to offers or other sales and marketing opportunities and neither have we sold any private contact details to third parties.

We will only contact our clients in regards to the booking they have made or their enquiry. That’s it! There is no follow-up phone call begging for your business, no annoying texts, no unsolicited email or any mail-shot to your home.

We do not:

  • Send marketing material by email
  • Make follow-up calls by telephone
  • Send marketing texts
  • Send marketing mail by post

Most importantly;

We do not share your personal contact details including your email address with anyone including any holiday resort, accommodation owner or management other than those from whom you request information.

No Spam; We respect your privacy Full Stop.

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