After all, why nudism?

After all, why nudism?


The question is legitimate. Why getting naked in front of others? Why doing activities entirely naked, like swimming, hiking or cooking?
So I decided to look at it with a twist. So whether you are a nudist, an aspiring one or a pure textilist, here’s a way to look at the answer to this question.

Let’s start with the premises that nudity is totally normal. I know, for most people it’s not. Nudity and modesty are tied together, and nudity belong to private closed rooms. However, this is the twist. Let’s say that nudity is normal. Imagine it (it’s much easier if you are a confirmed nudist)!

After all, why nudism?
Credit Uncertain After all, why nudism?

Nudism is normal

With this in mind, you wake up in the morning and your first action is to prepare the breakfast, for you, your spouse and your kids if you have one or many. Since nudity is normal, you have slept naked and you go to the kitchen in the same absence of clothes. As you are preparing breakfast, your spouse joins you in the kitchen, as naked as you are, You greet her/him by hugging and you continue your preparation.

Your family is having breakfast, and so far, nobody is wearing anything but a bright smile for a great start of the day. Then, as this is a summer week-end, you decide to go for a walk in the forest with the whole family. You call a couple of friends to check whether they would like to join. Then two hours later, you meet them at the parking, for what should be a four to five-hour walk in the near-by forest and hills.

Hiking the natural way

There are three families, with a total of six adults and seven kids. Two of the other adults are nudists like you and get out of their car naked, like their two kids. The other family is clothed in hiking gear, however, their little 8-year old girl prefer to hike naked with your daughter. After hugs and kisses, the kids starts running ahead, shouting and singing, while the parents share the loads of water and sandwiches in various rucksacks.

During the walk, your little group meet many other hikers, all clothed. However, every body greets each other, without making any comment on your nudity. After a couple of hours, You decide to stop for lunch nearby a little stream of water. The clothed couple undresses swiftly and join the little nudist community. At the exception of a two early teens, every body is naked, enjoying the warm shade providing by the forest and the freshness of the water.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 15 December, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 31st December 2020

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