Children in the audience on Ultra Strips Down, a Danish TV show. DR ULTRA/YOUTUBE
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Adults strip on Danish children’s TV show to challenge ‘perfect body’ myth

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It gives a whole new meaning to classroom “show and tell”. A children’s television programme in Denmark is getting adults to pose nude in front of school pupils to promote “body positivity”.

In front of a live studio audience of 11 to 13-year-olds, five adult guests disrobe and then answer questions about their bodies and private parts. In order to challenge stereotypes of the “perfect body”, guests include old and young, fat and thin, and hairy and pimply.

Ultra Strips Down, a Danish TV show.
DR ULTRA/YOUTUBE Ultra Strips Down, a Danish TV show.

The show is broadcast on Ultra, an on-demand children’s channel that is part of DR, Denmark’s national broadcaster. Its producers say it encourages adolescents to accept that humans come in all shapes and sizes, making them less susceptible to bodyshaming.

However, even in broad-minded Denmark, Ultra Strips Down is not without its critics. Peter Skaarup, a member of the Right-wing Danish People’s Party, has accused the programme-makers of choosing a “vulgar way” to educate children about genitalia.

That view does not appear be shared by youngsters, who are already into the programme’s second season.

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Original publication 21 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 6th October 2020

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