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Account Blockers, You’re blocking up my timeline!

Account Blockers, You’re blocking up my timeline!

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Why is my timeline beginning to be filled each day by naturists bragging in some sort of pseudo macho manner that they have blocked another account?

Twitter in particular seems to be afflicted by this recent phenomenon. Twitter is a broadcast medium with tremendous possibility to communicate with people whom naturism would have great difficulty reaching otherwise. Does filling their timelines with pompous comparisons between naturist and pornographic websites encourage them to join organised naturism, I think not, they are more likely to unfollow the naturist account!

The NatCorn account does not knowingly follow pornography, if I find that it is, I unfollow but why should I worry about who follows the account? There are no pornographic photographs on the website or tweeted on the account so I suspect that anyone following NatCorn for that reason will not do so for long. They will soon become bored of sorting through our tweets looking for what they seek.

This highlights another irritation, that of the tweeter who proclaims regularly that they have received so many new followers and have been unfollowed by so many others. Why should I want to know? Why should they want to know unless they know whether those who followed were not those who are blocked as soon as the opportunity arises or those who unfollowed were those who would have been blocked if only they had the decency to have stayed around.

Does all this present a good image of naturism?

No doubt all accounts require some administration but is it professional to broadcast your administration of your account? If your answer is still yes, keep it off my timeline, please.

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