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A weekend for being in the altogether


I’m a klutz when it comes to spending time in the woods.

Despite a genuine love for hiking and camping, over the years I’ve gathered enough splinters to build a bench and enough scratches to fill a pool hall.

I had an encounter once with poison ivy that will forever remind me that leaves of three — better let them be.

And there was the year I nearly cut off my thumb with a hatchet when I mistook it for a piece of firewood.

OK, so at times I got a bit too close to the great outdoors. But at least I knew there were boundaries.

Not like the folks who really want to expose their nether regions to nature. Each year they mark the summer solstice by shedding their clothing and inhibitions and partake in Naked Hiking Day.

Nude hiking does give new meaning to the phrase “fanny pack.”

Being free of clothes doesn’t necessarily free these folks from certain health issues.

The obvious one is sunburn.

There’s also the chance for mosquito bites in all the wrong places.

And doctors say the best way to keep ticks from getting to your skin while hiking is to tuck your pant legs into your socks. So much for tucking.

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Source: recordonline

Original publication 8 July, 2021

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