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A unique relationship dilemma in life: should I take my clothes off?


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What you wear as a reporter is important. You want to mix. You don’t want your clothes to get in the way of your reports. When interviewing the Prime Minister, you can wear a suit. When you interview angry young people, you definitely don’t.

But what do you wear – or not – when you are telling a story about nudists?

I was still pondering this issue when I arrived for my first appointment at a nudist camp south of Berlin. To my great relief, the guy who gave me a tour, a retired diplomat from former communist East Germany, was fully dressed. (He later admitted that, after some deliberation, he decided to dress because I was a reporter for a United States publication. “I know that Americans are a little prudish,” he said sympathetically.)

Should I take my clothes off?

Things were momentarily embarrassing when my guide introduced me to a nudist colleague, who was sweeping the cabin naked and promptly offered us a cup of instant coffee. I had never shaken hands, much less had a cup of coffee, with a naked stranger before. When I interviewed him, I kept my eyes firmly fixed on his face.

My dilemma came to light in Prerow, on the Baltic coast, Germany’s most famous nudist beach.

After interviewing some naked swimmers while I was still fully dressed, I saw a large family – grandparents, parents and children – running together into the water. They were perfect. Three generations. Naked in the sea.

I really wanted this photograph.

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Posted on NatCorn 11th August 2020

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