A revealing glimpse into Torbay Sun Club – the nudist club where members include a former headteacher and a police officer

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“It’s very liberating, freeing and relaxing and has nothing to do with sex”

During the working day, healthcare worker Brett Crane blends in with society’s expectations, but as soon as he goes home, and wherever it is accepted in public places, he sheds off all of his clothes.

The 55-year-old openly admits to having been a nudist all his life and for the past eight years has been chairman of Torbay Sun Club, one of the UK’s largest naturist swim and sauna clubs.

Members meet for different social events
Cliff Luke
Cliff Luke
Members meet for different social events

The club, which has been running for more than 40 years, has around 120 active members who range in age from 18 into their 80s, and come from all walks of life and professions such as a retired headteacher, police officer, postman, artist and finance worker in London.

Brett, who is a logistics assistant and lives in Exeter, said: “Most members are couples, although we do have single members. We do like to keep a gender balance if we can and draw members from Exeter, Torbay, Plymouth and further afield.

“The majority are in their 50s although we do have a wide range of ages. Members come from every walk of life from blue collar right through to senior management roles and everything in between.”

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Source: DevonLive

Original publication 3 AUG 2019

Posted on NatCorn 12th August 2019

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