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A Peek Inside One of Michigan’s Five Nudist Resorts

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A Peek Inside One of Michigan’s Five Nudist Resorts
Turtle Lake Resort is the land of the free and the home of the bare

If God had really wanted Adam and Eve to live in the Garden of Eden forever, he would have given the first couple a golf cart. But where Eden falls short, Turtle Lake Resort — one of Michigan’s five nudist resorts — manages to shine. Limes with salt take the place of forbidden fruit. Golf carts always have the right of way. Serpents are defanged and live in the light, tattooed on sun-scorched biceps and buttocks. The result is a 172-acre slice of heaven on the outskirts of Union City, south of Battle Creek, where free spirits can lay bare their troubles — and everything in between.

A Visit … With Reservations

After reaching a certain distance on Union City’s roads, it’s obvious to most locals that you’re on your way to Turtle Lake Resort. You pass summer homes ensconced by aromatic woodlands. The woods give way to farmlands, where lots are measured in acres.

“The hardest thing you’ll do is take your clothes off,” I’m told when I made Memorial Day weekend reservations. I supposed the rest would be a walk in the park, though I wondered how true that would be. My mind raced with thoughts of ethereal beings: silky-haired, shapely women frolicking with tall, brawny men. They would worship the sun, pray to the moon, and welcome me with open, toned arms. …Read full original article…

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15 August, 2017, 5:10 pm

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