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a modest trip to a nudist resort


My relationship with my body is like most women’s relationships with their bodies: complicated.

I am self-conscious about the cellulite on my thighs, the stretch marks on my stomach, and the way my arms jiggle when I wave. I try to tell myself to appreciate my body more, that it deserves love and care, but the gap between what I should tell myself about my body and what I actually tell myself about my body is a hard one to fill.

Beyond This Point
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I’m a person of extremes. For good or for bad, when I want to do something, I take it all the way. So this summer, when I decided that I wanted to become more appreciative and aware of my body, I decided to spend a day at a nudist resort.

Let me be clear here: I haven’t worn a swimsuit in years. I also dress to cover my garments. But I decided that being completely naked around a bunch of strangers would be a good experience.

And let me tell you something. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

The woman who worked at the front desk was incredibly friendly and helpful. She gathered some identification information from me and did a short background check. After I was checked in, I walked back to my car, took a deep breath, and got undressed.

There were a few things I noticed and learned spending a day naked with strangers.

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Source: Young Mormon Feminists

Original publication 30 October, 2014

Posted on NatCorn 18th February 2021

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