A compliment to nudity


Nudity is beauty. What could be more human and more beautiful than a naked body, free of his artifices textiles? , Being naked to stay free of prejudices, offer air and natural elements to the body, the nude body is independent of this ideal in the mind of the observer.

Nudity is freedom. Freedom of the senses, spiritual freedom, freedom from social conventions. Nude human beings occupies a unique place in a world of men and women. Naked show society what we truly are unlike when we’re dressed. Nudity is considered as a transgression of the rules before and society, however, puts humanity at the Centre of society.

Nudity is fragile. Fragility to show others their faults, imperfections and scars left by life. This fragility, beautifully described by many writers and psychologists, quickly turned into strength. Strength to accept and to win acceptance, as well as each one of us is.

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Source: OS Naturistas

25 August, 2017, 5:30 pm

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