"The Emperor Has No Clothes!"

A bumble bee invades a nudist colony!


“The emperor has no clothes!” is a phrase made famous by Hans Christian Andersen, albeit variations of the story go back hundreds of years, meaning the expression presents an age-old problem.

The story represents the tendency of the masses to go along with a charade for fear of the consequences of pointing out the obvious to the oblivious. Moreover, the people who fell for the charade are now vested in it and they don’t want to admit to themselves or anyone else how foolish they have been, so the ruse lives on. 

Here in California, there are so many people walking around wearing nothing at all, when it comes to certain facets of group-think and group-speak, that we might as well admit we are living in an ideological nudist colony. That reminds me of a very, very old song, when “The Bumble Bee Invaded the Nudist Colony”! In this story, I will play the part of the bumble bee, thank you very much.

Let’s talk climate change. All the people drinking the Kool-Aid would have us believe we have about eight years left to save the planet from catastrophic, irreversible damage. Yet, none of these people are living or acting as if we only have eight years left, including the elite’s use of private jets to attend climate conferences and the innumerable new island resorts popping up despite the threat of sea level rise! 

Meanwhile, China’s use of coal continues to skyrocket as if there really is going to be a tomorrow, Greta Thunberg. 

For example, Santa Barbara County just purchased a new diesel generator to serve as backup for a solar panel array and a storage battery for that array. While the state intends to ban gas-powered cars, lawn equipment and the like, they also intend to keep paving our roads with asphalt.

If we only had eight years to save the planet, where is the desperation and the plan to end any and all reliance on fossil fuels and the 6,000 products made from fossil fuels that we use each and every day? For instance, why not ban polyester clothing at the same time as gas-powered cars?

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Source: Santa Barbara News – Press

Original publication 31 October, 2021

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