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7 reasons to give naturism a try at Fenland campsite


If you weren’t already aware, naturism is the engagement in regular social activities in the nude. 

For many people, it is something of a difficult practice to understand.

But, for the growing community of naturists in Britain, there are obvious benefits.

These include helping with body image, self-esteem and general wellbeing

Outdoor swimming pool
WWW.PITCHUP.COM The outdoor swimming pool at Croft Country Club near Wisbech. / WWW.PITCHUP.COM

It’s something that can be great for your mental and physical health as well as a novel and enjoyable experience. 

Cambridgeshire is home to the very popular Croft Country Club right in the heart of the fens near Wisbech, the county’s only naturist camp.

Here are seven reasons to give the campsite and facilities a go.


Every other Saturday night at Croft Country Club there is live entertainment for guests to enjoy the liberating experience of dancing the night away fully naked.

Expect live performers and bands followed by a disco to make your Saturday evening one to remember. 

Sport activities

With courts to try your hand at volleyball, mini tennis, pétanque and shuffleboard, as well as an 18-hole putting green, you’ll do well to run out of ways to unleash your competitive streak on your clothless companions during your stay. 

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Source: CAMBSTimes

Original publication 1 September, 2021

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