Get More Comfortable Being Naked

5 Ways to Get More Comfortable Being Naked


Let’s face it, there are some people who are completely comfortable when they’re naked—and I’m not one of them. Most people would say I’m not a shy person, but in regards to taking it all off, I feel like I need a serious attitude adjustment.

It’s not that I’m just unnecessarily self-conscious at the doctor’s office (where they tell me “It’s okay honey, we see it ALL here”) or the women’s locker room at the gym. I’m not comfortable in my own house—even when no one is there but me. God forbid I catch a glance in a mirror by accident!

I’d like to blame my fear of nakedness on being a woman in my fifties. But I’ve been this way since I was a young woman and I think it’s finally time for a change.

My poor husband is always trying to sneak a peek as I shut the door to my closet so I can change my clothes. I catch him looking in the mirror for that split second before I wrap my precious towel around my body as soon as I get out of the shower. Other times, when I get the nerve up to be completely naked, the lights need to be out. He’s always flipping the switch on and I’m always turning it off. It is funny (and we do laugh about it) but seriously, a guy deserves a good look at his wife’s body on occasion.

So I’m starting on a 4 week journey that I’m calling the Naturally Naked Challenge and would love for you to join me. Now for all of you women out there who are lucky enough to feel beautiful naked, you must think I’m crazy. But for the rest of you shy strippers, you understand where I’m coming from because you know you like to hide in your closet too. Here is our Naturally Naked plan for the next 4 weeks:

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Source: Huffpost

Original publication 30 June, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 11th February 2021

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