30 days of winter dips.

30 days of winter dips.

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If you hadn’t already realised….I’m a skinny dipper.

Which means I like sun and warmth. I do love mountains, skiing, hiking etc but really the main thing in my life lately is skinny dipping. I search for sun and warm weather, the kind of weather where any more clothing than shorts and t-shirt is too much, and no clothing at all is the best. You won’t meet many naturists or skinny dip enthusiasts who look for cold water. It’s really not that comfortable to be naked in winter, when all the sane people are wrapped up in hats, scarves and puffy jackets. Preferably, I like to be able to spend a prolonged period of time naked, not just a quick in/out of the water and then run home to the hot shower. So warm temperatures are what I want. If you haven’t tried it before then you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to emerge naked from a crystalline river on a hot day and let the warm sun dry your skin. Mmmhmm that’s the kind of skinny dipping I would usually go for!

A hot drink & a hot water bottle post plunge
A hot drink & a hot water bottle post plunge

But, as we all know by now, we’re living in “unprecedented” times. I was not planning on being in New Zealand for winter. I was going to skedaddle at the end of summer and head to the northern hemisphere for another summer (lucky me, I know). Right before I was due to fly, the world turned upside down. Everything ground to a halt and all plans were put on hold. Just like everyone else, I hunkered down and tried to survive lockdown.

If you hadn’t already realised….I’m a skinny dipper. 

Did anyone else have the sensation that time was put on pause while we were in lockdown? That’s certainly how I felt: my life stood still, the world stood still, therefore I imagined time standing still. But oh no no! Not so lucky! Once lockdown was over and freedom was attainable again, I had to accept that Mother Nature had continued with her usual progression. Winter had well and truly set in here in N.Z. Ever the optimist, I refused to believe it was too cold for my usual way of life. Which consists of road tripping, wild swimming and copious amounts of nudity. So into my van I piled, with a newly acquired hot water bottle, a wool blanket and a big thick bathrobe. That’s all I’d need to survive winter van life, right?

It didn’t take long for me to realise things had changed. The days were getting shorter, the weather was getting grimmer and the beautiful blue waters of New Zealand ever colder. My old summer sunny ways were not achievable anymore. But like I said I’m an optimist, and I’m adaptable. I refused to give up on my naked, travelling ways. A little adaptation was required. Rather than seeking out the sunshine and best weather areas I would embrace the cold, seeking out the coldest waters and challenging myself. Inspired by Wim Hof, (a Dutch dude known as “The Iceman” who is famous for withstanding freezing temperatures) I decided to push myself.

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Source: Naked Kate

Original publication 7 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 22nd July 2020

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