Naked Yoga

3 Reasons to mediate naked outdoors


Find a connection with nature

Meditating outdoors is great, meditating outdoors without clothing is even better. Without the barrier of clothing you can fully connect with nature, feel the air on your skin and the earth beneath you. The feeling of sunshine or even rain on the skin and you breath in and out inspires a deeper connection the rhythm of naturists and life. The whole body and your senses become primed to your natural surroundings. Your touch, hearing become acutely aware of your place in the natural world.

Naked Yoga
Credit Uncertain Find comfort in your skin

Find the inner you

The goal of mindful meditation is to just be. When we learn to just be our focus can move from the external to the internal. You can focus on affirming the inner you your true self. Not the self driven by external opinions or ideas of who you are. You can discover that you are a part of the natural world. You can engage and harness your inner energetic connection with the energy of the nature, and the natural universe. Find presence, find your inner strength, find the inner you.

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Original publication 22 July, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 19th August 2021

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