Playing Rummy 500

24 Hours Naked


I need to set the stage – for what is arguably one of the most empowering, amazing, liberating, exciting, and awesome events of my journey into naturism. It was Monday morning at our camp site above the hot springs we had been at over the last two days, set to head out the next morning. We were in the middle of a heat wave – temperatures hitting low 40 degrees Celsius (104ish Fahrenheit) in a city that barely hits 30 degrees. It was hot, it was muggy, and we were at a hot springs. Even if we weren’t us – and loving being naked – this heat would almost promote nakedness. Sitting around the picnic table drinking our coffee – naked of course – we realized it was approximately 9ish last night the last time we had clothes on – and wondered to ourselves if we could go a full 24 hours without clothes on?

This isn’t a clothing optional site. Yes people get naked in the hot springs at night, and in the right circumstances during the day. But it is a Provincial recreation site – and by no means is it a clothing optional area. But had anyone ever tried? All the weekend warriors had pulled out already – and as far as we could tell there was only one other set of campers – and they had already seen me naked – so we thought we would go for it. Between the truck, our canopy, and our tent – our camp site gave us enough privacy that we could probably get away with it in the camp site – the 10 minute walk to and from the springs probably wouldn’t be too busy based on our proximity to the site and able to time it if anyone else showed up – and then also how comfortable I felt down at the springs. At the very least – we thought we would give it a go – heat made it unbearable naked, worse with clothes – and I am also surprisingly stubborn – so achieving a goal might give me a chance to overcome my nerves – and it will make for a great blog entry. You’ll also notice the title picture is a more natural “behind the scenes” and less staged/scenic photos. This is by design – showing how the events that day transpired. For the full photo gallery of our photos from this 24 hour period subscribe to our “Nip Slip and Hidden Bits” Patreon account!

Playing Rummy 500
Credit Uncertain Front Row Scene of our 24 Hours Naked – Playing Rummy 500 – Our go to camping and beach card game! You can also see the scrape on my knee from falling on the trail down to the hot springs the day previous…

We had already been naked for about 12 hours without even trying. From the time we made it to the springs last night – obviously didn’t wear clothes to bed – and hadn’t got dressed yet when we made the challenge – so really only 12 hours to go. Shouldn’t be too hard – right? Our neighbours had awaken by this point – but I had enough privacy to feel comfortable – and it was breakfast time. Bacon and Egg breakfast sandwiches on the menu – and unlike our anniversary breakfast (last time I cooked back naked)- I didn’t have an apron to protect my bits from bacon splatter. But compared to the horseflies at our campsite – the minimal bacon splatter didn’t play a big role. After breakfast – and another cup of coffee – we packed up to spend the day down at the springs. The breeze from the river beside the pools was perfect to beat the heat – so we packed up lunch, snacks, drinks, water, and everything we would need to basically spend the day there.

We agreed that towels could be worn as a fail safe – and for our journey down we decided to wear towels – well I did. Jay’s quickly fell off as I made him carry the cooler and the backpack, and he just owned it. Although spoiler alert – he doesn’t care – and despite bringing four bathing suits for the weekend didn’t get a single one wet… Based on our headcount of the campsite – and our neighbours still making breakfast as we headed down – we expected to have the springs to ourselves. We were mistaken. There were two young ladies and a guy sitting in the pools down by the river. They were fully clothed – and here I thought before I even started I would fail my challenge. Jay could obviously tell I was nervous – time and place – and stared me in the eyes and said “Just own it!” I didn’t have my bikini top – at this point in my life I feel at a hot springs it isn’t necessary – but was staring at the bag with our gear – and just embraced the nudity. Hung up my towel, grabbed a drink, and walked over towards the three soakers. The water situation at the springs was unique – the hot springs water was low – and as such VERY hot. The upper springs close to the source and the change station was too hot to walk in – let alone soak. There were only three pools down below this – closer to the river that one could comfortably soak in – and the closest one would flood with the high river water each afternoon as the river would rise a good six to seven inches every afternoon.

So basically – we had no choice but to make friends with the other soakers. As we approached – I quickly apologized for our nudity – and explained it was too nice to wear a bathing suit. One of the girls explained she had no problems with the nudity – but they were on a work trip – and being naked in front of her coworkers would probably be frowned upon. We had a good laugh – turns out they were working at a mining site near by – and were camping up above – just at a more secluded site further down the road (explaining why we hadn’t seen them all weekend or at the camp sites). I definitely felt awkward – and kind of sat on a rock hiding as much of my nakedness as possible – but owned the nakedness – and didn’t put my bikini bottoms on. They left shortly after for work – and hopefully my (our) nudity wasn’t too off putting. Also – it never came up in conversation but I hope it was an underground mine – as I couldn’t imagine working in this 40+ degree weather…

We had the springs to ourselves for at least the next hour. I say at least – because I definitely zoned out and fell asleep sun bathing completely naked on a rock between the upper and lower hot springs pools. Jay woke me as a couple came walking down the stairs from the rear entrance – and probably good he did, because they saw ALL of me based on the awkward position I had fallen asleep – and if he hadn’t, they basically would have saved me a trip to the gynecologist. They weren’t very chatty, quickly walked through the springs, I apologized for our nudity, they commented about how they had read on the blogs about how there were concerns about nudity at the springs and that hippies and drunks made it less enjoyable – and then abruptly headed back in the direction they came in. They didn’t even go in the water – as if we offended them. And excuse me – hippies and drunks? A little stereotypical and a little offensive. Except no joke – we had just finished eating some of our almond cracker Hippie Snacks (the brand name for those not in the know) – so I got a bit of a chuckle out of it – and also intentionally posed for a picture purely because of the irony. I couldn’t take too much offense – because they weren’t exactly labeling us as hippies (or drunks) – and if they were offended by our nudity – we were technically in the wrong as it wasn’t explicitly a clothing optional spot. 

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Original publication 12 July, 2021

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